CURSED - The Rest (2013)


I just found out about this LP tonight as these pictures came rolling in to my phone from my good friend Jer, who knows how much of a man-crush I have on Chris Colohan. Boy-Oh-Boy, what we have here is a new bootleg LP on the Fan Club label out of Germany that collects the odds and ends of the Cursed recording history, basically everything except their 3 studio albums, including the demo with the original Cursed logo! This looks to be done by the same people behind the bootleg repress of Cursed II not long ago. The back panel and inner stickers on the vinyl appear to be about the same, and they both clearly state on the front of the jacket "Pay No More Than €13". The cream of the crop here is obviously the 2nd to last track on the A-side, 'This Time Next Year' (aka Dead Or Alive), as it's an unreleased outtake from the 'One' LP sessions. Fuckin' A! I'm dying to hear that...

I've rounded up a list of where you can get this record, not sure how many of these are out there. There were only 800 pressed of that Cursed Two bootleg that I mentioned earlier. My friend got his copy at a local record store here in the States, so they are around, but you better act fast:

PER KORO - Record label out of Germany (€11)
DISCOGS - Various Sellers, most in Germany (€10-13)
PUNKDISTRO - From Germany (€11.50)
xSENTIENTx - Somewhere in Europe (€11)
AGIPUNK - Somewhere in Europe (€11)
EBAY - 5 copies available, ships from Italy (€13.50)

CURSED - The Rest LP (2013)
1. Polygraph
2. God And Country
3. Another Day
(Demo CDr - Winter 2001/2002)

4. Hell Comes Home
5. Search And Destroy
(Hell Comes Home 7" - 2004)

6. This Time Next Year
(Unreleased outtake from 'One' session - 2003)

7. Blackout At Sunrise
8. The Hands Will Abide
9. Hawaii
(Blackout At Sunrise 7" - 2006)

10. Reparations
11. Promised Land
12. Polygraph
13. AntiHero Resuscitator 
14. Into The Hive
(The Last Session 7" - 2008)






Chicago's Moral Void is in my top 3 current bands at the moment. Ever since I heard the first note from the first song they made available, I was completely hooked. Their vinyl releases are finally starting to roll off the presses and after a long wait, I received their VOL. I 7" in the mail today. First off, the packaging is beautiful. Nice monochromatic cover with full lyrics, complete with a patch and a sticker. There are only 2 songs on this record but they both clock in at nearly 4 minutes each. The songs are flawless. The A-side, "Breach", starts off with a tense 25 second drum-roll before launching into a crust-laden hardcore attack of d-beat drums, scorched vocals and incendiary guitars. At the 1-minute mark, the beat slows and gets HEAVY before another drum-fill takes you into some of the most infectious, head-banging hardcore rhythm you'll ever hear. The song eventually slows again for the remainder of the time and haunting guitar strumming ends the song. Flip over to the B-Side, "Wolves", and for the first 2 minutes you'll get nothing but riffs and blast beats all over the place. The last 2 minutes of the song take on a more dream-like droning hardcore sound before fading out with a similar ending as the A-side. I've listened to this record at least 10 times today and I didn't stop banging my head and tapping my feet for one second. It goes without saying that you should pick this record up at any cost.

They will have 2 more songs coming out very soon on a split 7" on Headfirst! Records with Young And In The Way, who just recently signed with Deathwish. I would be shocked if Moral Void isn't signed soon somewhere as well as I think they easily stand their ground with any other band on Deathwish or Southern Lord. Also, if 4 songs aren't enough for you, the VOL. II 7" will be released later this year featuring 2 more tracks. It still won't be enough though. I won't be satisfied until I get a full-length. Keep track of the band at the links above if you're interested in seeing them or pre-ordering their records.

FFO: Cursed, Young And In The Way, End Reign, Trap Them, Hierophant, Alpinist, Centuries etc...

EYES FOR HANDS - No Answers (2013)


Eyes For Hands is a hardcore band from Boston featuring members of Ira Graves and Rat Trap. Other than that, I don't know a damn thing about this band. They had a 6-song demo up on Bandcamp earlier this year but it has been replaced with the 13-song "No Answers" CD. I don't have the demo so I can't compare the two, but I can tell you that No Answers is fantastic. Great hardcore punk with some blast beats thrown in every once in a while. It definitely has a Boston vibe to me as well. The songs are recorded extremely well and the CD sounds amazing. The songs are interesting and short enough that you won't get tired of this one anytime soon. It's up for free with a "name your price" option at their Bandcamp page. If you like it, share it and give them your $$$

FFO: Left For Dead, Iron Lung, Weekend Nachos, Sick/Tired etc...

download -
1. Intro
2, Pain///Gain
3. Try
4. Entitled
5. No Answers
6. Answers
7. Safe
8. I Hate You
9. Stop
10. Burning
11. Child
12. Pigfuck
13. Cold

IRA GRAVES - Demo & Ultra//Negative Split


IRA GRAVES is a devastating powerviolence/punk/hardcore band from Boston, MA. They released a demo in June 2011 under the name Graves but are now back to being called Ira Graves. They also put out a split with Ultra//Negative in 2012 and there are rumors of a full-length LP down the road. As for the music, like I said it's just brutal. Noisy, blown out, lightning-speed hardcore with elements of grindcore, crust, punk & thrash mixed in. The production is crazy, it will totally melt your speakers. And your head. Between the two records, you get 12 songs in under 10 minutes. That should tell you everything you need to know. Get this shit.

download -
ULTRA//NEGATIVE Split 7" (2012)
1. Breaking In
2. Coma Breath
3. Dig Your Hole
4. Predation
5. Surrogate

DEMO Cassette (2011)
1. Feed/Mute
2. Soul Lock
3. Maggot Colony
4. Hospital Bed/Machine
5. Human Pig
6. Terminal Greed
7. Consume Waste

BLACK TEETH - Discography (2009-2010)


Black Teeth were a hardcore band from Peoria, IL that featured members of Waster and The Hero Estates. They weren't around for a very long time, but they toured nonstop and made a huge name for themselves in Illinois before it all fell apart in 2010. They played just great hardcore. Plain and simple. Huge sound, super catchy, but heavy and mean all at the same time. They put out two 7-inches which you can grab below.

download -
1. Ghost Town Anthems
2. Downtrodden
3. Nails
4. Breathe Sin
5. Oceans

SELF TITLED 7" EP (2009)
1. Conception
2. Black Teeth
3. Tread
4. Piss And Venom
5. Eating Rats
6. Expiration


This is awesome. Gotta love this label. Expect to see more music from the Lord here...

NIGHT TERROR - Malevolent//Union EP (2012)


A friend of mine messaged me today about a band I had no idea he was even in. That band is Night Terror, a noisy, dark hardcore/sludge outfit from Rochester, NY. They've been around since 2011 and in 2012, put out one of the most interesting, dirty, guttural EP's you're going to hear. The 5-song Malevolent//Union EP is a monster. A soundtrack to your nightmares. The first song, Compression//Decompression, actually seems like 3 or 4 songs. Starting off in a dream-like guitar-pick wave, you then get dropped straight into the sludge, before being shoved face first into a full-on hardcore crust tornado. The next 4 songs drag you along for the ride, each one weaving elements of doom, black metal, grindcore, crust & sludge at various times. So if this sounds like something you like, download, share and give them some $$$. The band is also working on a new EP so keep track of them on Facebook.

FFO: Full Of Hell, Cursed, Seven Sisters Of Sleep, EYEHATEGOD....

download -
1. Compression//Decompression
2. Abyss
3. Suffer
4. Spoiled
5. Atonement

HOLY WAR - S/T (2013)


Holy War is a brand new hardcore punk band out of Rochester, NY. They haven't even played their first show yet, but they have recorded a LOUD, violent demo. 6 songs of pure mayhem, this shit will rape your ears. According to their Facebook page, this will eventually come out on vinyl, but until then, download it below, put it on your iPod and then go deaf. If you like it, share it or give them some $$$ on Bandcamp.

In the words of the band, fuck your speakers!

FFO: Turmoil, The Hope Conspiracy, Buried Alive and Refused

download -
1. Balance Of Power (Holy War)
2. Choke
3. Penance
4. Vultures
5. The "New" Faith
6. Rest

VOWS - S/T EP & Demo (2013)


VOWS is a hardcore punk band hailing from Long Island, NY. They have been together and writing for over a year now but just began playing shows in January of this year. You can usually tell a lot about a band by the company they keep, and since VOWS have played with bands like Trenchfoot, Old Wounds & Snakes, I wasn't too worried. But their 4-track EP that just dropped in June took me by surprise. These 4 songs are magnificently recorded and produced, full of anger, anxiety & emotion. All of the songs are fairly short with the whole thing clocking in just under 6 minutes, but there are so many perfectly executed twists and turns throughout, the songs seem longer than they are. Normally that's bad, but in this case, you want MORE. The EP has a great flow to it and when i wasn't banging my head, I was tapping my foot. The vocals have a fantastic strained, screaming urgency, and like I said, the guitars and rhythm section are completely locked in and ready to jar your brain loose. If you like what these guys are doing, share it and head over to their Bandcamp page and give them $$$ as this is a total DIY release on their part. Check out their demo too because it's on par with the EP.

FFO: Rise And Fall, Seizures, Harm's Way, Tragedy, All Pigs Must Die, or anything else on Deathwish...

download - band submission -
1. Look Straight, Route The Ground
2. Dryrot
3. Floorboards
4. Seats Taken... Hellbound

DEMO (2013)
1. Mainlined
2. Hanging From The Mast

NATIVE GRAVES - Demo (2013)


Native Graves from Atlanta, GA brings you 2 songs of blackened, crusty hardcore from the south. Once again I don't know a lot about this band. The demo on Bandcamp absolutely KILLS so I really, really hope there is more to come. However, the info on their Facebook page is kind of misleading. First there was going to be a 7-song EP, then a 4-song EP. But now it looks like it's just going to be a very limited cassette release of the 2-song demo? There are also hints that their July 20th show with Dead In The Dirt will be their last show. So, I don't know what the fuck is going on with them. Sounds like they are done, which is a huge bummer. If you're interested in more info on the demo cassette you should probably just drop them a line on their Facebook page.

As far as the music goes, like I said, it is smoking. The first song gets right to it and thrashes you until it lets up in the middle for some HEAVY shit. They remind me a lot of Chicago's Moral Void. The second song is longer and has a lot of interesting stops and breakdowns but also has the fast parts too. Overall its a great demo.

FFO: Trap Them, Entombed, Young And In The Way, Moral Void, Cursed...

download -
DEMO Cassette (2013)
1. Bleeding Roots
2. Nocturne


OATHBREAKER - Eros|Anteros (2013)

Heads up, looks like you can grab the new Oathbreaker LP over at the I Would Have Stolen You A Whole Orchestra blog. Preview below but you're going to want to get this one...

BLACK SHIPS - Discography (2007-2009)


Black Ships were a nasty, dirty, HEAVY 3-piece hardcore band from Montreal. To be honest I don't know a ton about them. Their Facebook & Myspace pages offer virtually no info. I know they put out a demo in 2007, then a 7" and then they broke up after releasing an LP in 2009. I do know they played a bunch of shows with Cursed. I know that some or all of them played in the metal band Barn Burner. And, the only other thing I know about them is that they fucking rule and you need to listen to them. Now.

For fans of Heartless, Cursed, Coliseum, Hierophant, Furnace, The Holy Mountain etc...

OMENS LP (2008)
1. No Eulogy
2. The Flaws In Self Help
3. Ars Moriendi
4. When All Else Fails
5. Pestilence
6. The End
7. Liars Are A Dying Breed
8. Victims

LOW 7" (2008)
1. These Nights In These Places
2. Expropriation
3. Iron Lung, Heart of Gold
4. Lowest Of The Low

DEMO CDr (2007)
1. This Is Hell
2. Swallowing Shit
3. Expropriation
4. If These Are The Times To Look Back Upon
5. Affliction
6. This Is The Sequel



Veterans of the New York hardcore scene, Long Island's Divider is still going strong, heading into record new music in August. Starting way back in 2003, Divider has seen many breakups, reformations & lineup changes. But, the music has remained rock solid and heavy as shit. You can count on big guitars with even bigger riffs and breaks. Keep and eye on their Facebook page for upcoming shows and news on their new recordings. For now, they've offered up all of their previous recordings on Bandcamp for free.

Or stream and download individually below



News today from Dead In The Dirt. The Atlanta-based vegan grindcore band, who easily has one of the best band names of all time, started streaming a 2nd song from their upcoming LP "The Blind Hole" coming out on Southern Lord in August. The internet is already raging with praise of this new album and from the 2 songs below, it's easy to see why. It is simply bludgeoning grindcore that does not fuck around. Pre-order one of the various LP/CD/SHIRT combos now at Southern Lord. Also, a more in-depth review along with their West Coast tour dates can be found at Cvlt Nation. Check out the 2 new tracks along with more:

1. The Screaming Wind
2. Bastards Of The Bleak
3. Disease
4. Two Flames
5. Burden Of Life
6. Can They Suffer...
7. Biting At The Binds
8. Sever The Tie
9. Skin Graft
10. Fear

1. Disease
2. Two Flames
3. Burden Of Life
4. Sever The Tie

VOID EP (2010) via Annihilate Next Week
1. Gried
2. Wage Labor Blues
3. Slave
4. Disappear
5. Few and Far Between

JUNGBLUTH - Part Ache & Demo


Jungbluth is a 3-piece political hc/punk band from Münster, Germany who were born out of the demise of the utterly amazing band Alpinist, from the same city.

If you don't know Alpinist, get your ass over to CUT & PASTE and get your filthy hands all over that shit! You might want to bookmark that blog while you're at it, it's one of the best.

Named after Karl Jungbluth, a German communist who was executed by the nazis, the band strongly disagrees with any pro-views on fascism, racism, homophobia, sexism and any other form of discrimination. Nearly immediately after announcing that Alpinist were effectively no more, up popped Jungbluth to attempt to fill the void. And they've done so quite nicely, very quickly releasing a demo tape in November 2012 with beautiful packaging that immediately sold out of 2 pressings. The cassette featured 6 blasts to the head, with an interlude & an outro to give you time to breath. Reminiscent of their former selves, yet at the same, feeling much more epic, this tape quickly took the sting out of the Alpinist news. Still there are the terrifying vocals with the ever complex guitars & drums, but it was definitely a new band.

Now it's the middle of Summer. July 2013. And Jungbluth have given us a fantastic gift. Pre-order of their new LP, Part Ache, along with free digital downloads right fucking now. Part Ache is a 9-song saga that will leave you on the floor. Picking right up where the demo tape left off, the first track, Crevasse, shoots you into the atmosphere on a spacey, poetic trip before hammering it home with the next track, Wakefield. It's a throughly enjoyable rollercoaster ride for the rest of the album. Pummeling, million-mile-an-hour drums between more heartfelt breakdowns that remain as heavy as ever, ending with the fittingly titled Crevasse II. There's not a bad song on this album.

Like I said, the downloads are free, and encouraged by the band. If you want to donate any funds, do so at their Bandcamp page. All donated money will go to Anarchist Black Cross: Belarus. Also, Junbluth is going on tour starting tomorrow in Europe. I'd tell you where but it's easier if you just go to their Facebook page, there are a shit load of flyers for the tour. Enjoy.

PART ACHE LP download (2013)
1. Crevasse
2. Wakefield
3. Looks Like Freedom
4. These Rare Moments
5. Au Revoir Tristesse
6. Zwang Abwärts
7. No One But Myself
8. Angebot/Nachsage.
9. Crevasse II

S/T DEMO Cassette download (2012)
1. Ueberstellung
2. A Vague memory
3. Interlude
4. Traubhagel
5. Quick Temper - Slow Mind
6. Outro



I generally don't care to have my politics intermingled too much with my music, but there's something about how Oakland's Negative Standards does it that just makes it seem perfect. The samples that are dropped in throughout both releases have a chilling effect and can only prepare you for the behemoth onslaught that you are about to hear in the next second. This band is DARK. And HEAVY. And they sound like they aren't fucking around. Definitely for fans who like their dark hardcore with touches of sludge and doom.

I-V 10" (2010)
1. I
2. II
3. III
4. IV
5. V

VI-XI LP (2012)
1. VI
2. VII
4. IX
5. X
6. XI

HAMMERS - Discography (2008-2013)


OK you need to check out HAMMERS. Dark, heavy and tough as nails. If you're reading this blog, you might as well just go ahead and download everything. And that's easy because Hammers is one of those awesome bands that WANTS you to download everything. Everything's available on Bandcamp and they urge you not to pay. Fucking brilliant. Some of their earlier records might be tough to find, but you should be able to get their latest 10" fairly easily, there's a link above that I know will have some.

Here's the bad news. They called it quits in March of this year. You win some, you lose some. But it doesn't mean you can't listen the shit out of their music. Here's a description of the band, by the band, that I found from last year. It's better than anything I could write about them:

"Hammers is a band from Manchester, UK playing a pretty unique mix of punk/hardcore/metal/crust - maybe we're like His Hero Is Gone jamming songs off the first Mastodon record, or maybe we're just trying to write songs that are interesting and heavy first and foremost. The genuine intensity that ensues is just an atmospheric coincidence.. we're people who have played in numerous bands over the years, including stints with The Secret, Anxiety Attack and Funeral Diner (very briefly). The Vardøgr 10" is a weird one, but definitely recognisable as being HAMMERS. It's fast, sometimes slow, tons of melody but always just as heavy as we can possibly make it. The record was produced/mixed by Brad Boatright of From Ashes Rise, and he's done a star turn in creating a real dark atmosphere throughout it."

Vardøgr 10" (2012)
1. Casting Spells
2. Trapanning Infinity
3. Sleep For A Year
4. Endoteric
5. The Sun's Journey Through The Night
6. The Spectacle
7. Etiäinen
8. A Coffin In The Shape Of A Chapel
9. 22:22
10. Systole

DOLCIM Split 7" (2010)
1. San Gottardo
2. At Long Last

OROGENY 7"/12" (2009)
1. Title Track
2. The Holy Mountain
3. Mount Gambier
4. Three Fates
6. Tombs

YEAR ONE Cassette (2009)
1. Intro
2. Odin's Doom
3. Prey
4. You'll Be Clocking Out In Your Coffin
5. Mass Producing Death
6. Way To Deny
7. Hall Of The Dead
8. Bad Faith
9. The Program
10. Ladder Climber
11. Host To Billions Of Parasites
12. Freefall

1. The Weight of Days
2. Snow

FULL OF HELL & MARANATHA Free Bandcamp Downloads

Both Full Of Hell & Maranatha are currently giving away their latest releases. Doesn't get any better than that! I personally just recently bought digital copies of both of these, those bastards! Full Of Hell is from Maryland/Pennsylvania and they are offering up their new LP, Rudiments Of Mutilation, on the A389 Recordings Bandcamp page. Basically, Full Of Hell sounds like Converge if they were a grindcore band. Maranatha reside in the middle of Ohio and are giving away their new EP, Spiritless. If you like your bands to sound like Trap Them and Nails raping each other, then you need to start listening to Maranatha. Why are you even still reading this? Why aren't you downloading this shit? This won't last forever.



Tinnitus is a 4-piece fastcore, powerviolence band from Worcester, MA. They sound pretty much like how the picture above looks. Dark, fast, intense and intimidating, flying past you just slow enough to punch you in the gut. Their demo is more on the spastic side of the scale, appealing to fans of Infest & Crossed out. But fast forward a few years and you've got Volume II, which has a more refined sound that reminds me of early Nails, deathly-short songs filled with feedback and blast beats. Plus, it was mastered by Brad Boatright, so you know it's going to sound good. Download or stream their releases below and if you like it, head over to their Bandcamp page and give them some $$$.

1. Sold
2. Latent
3. Mislead
4. File
5. Trending
6. Infliction
7. Allayed
8. Dredge

GEHENNA (2011)
1. Gehenna
2. Scorn
3. Lifeless
4. Antithetic
5. Anxiety
6. Checkmate
7. Perdition
8. Bloodlust
9. Mannequin
10. Condemn
11. Vain

1. Intro/Anxiety
2. Lifeless
3. Dawn Of Man
4. Blissful Ignorance
5. Heretic
6. Steelies
7. Addiction To Diction
8. I Smell Bacon
9. To An End
10. Prop Culture


I just had to take a moment to showcase some killer artwork of some LP's that are coming out this summer by Deathrite, Depravation & Harrowed. True works of art, sending you straight to Hell.



Deathrite is a badass crust hardcore band from, you guessed it, Germany. Dresden to be exact. Their Facebook page describes them as the sheer brutality of extreme Metal and the high speed attacks in the vein of your favourite Grindcore bands, all wrapped up by the no-bullshit and fuck-you-attitude of Punk. I can't argue with that. They've been around since 2010 and have released a demo tape, a split 7" and an LP, all of which have been decent releases on their own, but to be honest they were nothing earth shattering. You could tell, though, that the band was on the verge of really coming into their own and if they just had one more record, they just might successfully blow your head right off. Well, that day has come. Their 2nd LP, Into Extintion, has been completed and the pre-orders are actually shipping out this Monday! I can't wait to get this fucking record, it's a beast. If you're a fan of Trap Them, Rise And Fall or other German acts like Goldust or Depravation, you are going to be a fan of Deathrite. Order the new LP at the Merch link above.

1. Forsaken Tombs
2. Breathing Doom
3. Kingdom
4. Born Under A Guillotine
5. Vicious Throne
6. Into Extinction
7. Revenge & Reparations
8. Failure Of Existence
9. Plagues
10. Deathbed
11. Infernal Void
12. The Golden Age

LIVE IN BERLIN (Feb. 2013) video below
1. Kingdom
2. Breathing Doom
3. Failire Of Existence
4. Infernal Void
5. The Golden Age

GOLDUST SPLIT 7" (2012) Deathrite tracks only
3. Destination Death
4. Plagues

1. Prophecy
2. Black Reign
3. Claws
4. Nails & Coffin
5. Sirens
6. Vultures/Wolves
7. Locust Swarm - Decline

DEMO Cassette (2011)
1. Sirens
2. Renegades
3. Claws
4. Black Sails
5. Vultures/Wolves



More death and destruction from Germany. Depravation, from Gießen, formed in December 2011 and bring some of the most raw, brutal and devastating dark hardcore to your undeserving ears. The first I heard of these guys was their demo I​:​PRAEDICTVM released in June 2012. Originally intended to be pressed on vinyl, it was instead released as a cassette. The demo contained 3 tracks, with the last one serving as more of an outro. Despite the somewhat crude recording quality, you could hear something special going on here. Evil and wretched, these 2 songs of metallic hardcore left you wanting more. Limited to 50 copies and then later on CD, these have all been sold out, but you can still grab them below or at their Bandcamp page.

Thankfully they have gone on to record a full length LP, II​:​MALEDICTVM, with an imminent release. There are only 300 copies being pressed so i suggest you click the Merch link above and reserve your copy. It's also streaming on their Bandcamp page and some lower quality downloads have been floating around as well. The LP contains 7 skull-crushing songs along with a haunting Intro & Outro. The production value on this record is vastly improved over the demo, but that's not to say this is an over-produced record. It is as nasty, filthy and vile as you could ever want. Angry, pissed off vocals, walls of guitars and doom-inducing drums that will make your neck snap when the double-bass kicks in. I can't recommend them enough.

Download or stream the 2 releases below, the LP is only 128k but the band has said a higher quality download will be available later, most likely after the vinyl drops.You should be pre-ordering it anyway.

1. Intro
2. Wrath
3. Opaque
4. Filth
5. Pestilence
6. Instrumental
7. Malfuntion
8. Ruins
9. Outro

1. Wrath
2. Ruins Of Mankind



OK FUCK IT. I'm just going to move to Germany. It seems almost everything good that i've heard lately comes out of god-damned Germany. What is going on over there? Being from the States, I can't imagine so many good bands being crammed into such a (relatively) small country. Ugh. Anyway, Hieroglyphs is one of those fine bands I'm talking about. Formed in 2011 and hailing from Aschaffenburg, this band has released 2 EP's digitally, and they are about as rock-solid as hardcore can get. If you are a fan of any of the music coming out of Germany these days, you're going to love this band. They actually remind me a lot of 2 other bands from Belgium, Daggers & Worms Feed. This is a good thing, although it's a crying shame there are only 7 tracks of this band to listen to. What's worse is that their guitar player just split from the band. The only good news is that they are definitely NOT breaking up. Until they get things figured out, take a listen below. Everything is also free to download, with a name your price option, at their Bandcamp page.

BLAMING YOU (November 2012)
1. Acheron
2. Blaming You

1. Into The Abyss
2. Plague Keeper
3. Eater Of Days
4. From Bitterness And Hope
5. Reflections



So, after I mentioned Planks, Alpinist & Gun Mob yesterday, I got yelled at by my German friend Michael for not talking about Trainwreck. I would have gotten around to them eventually but here you go...

Trainwreck is from Germany, obviously, and consists of actual and former members of Eaves, Glasses and Engrave. They started rehearsing in October 2005. Since then they have released a bunch of records and played a bunch of shows. Any fan of the above bands or of Deathrite or Cursed is going to love Trainwreck.
They are actually playing their last show until fall tonight and will spend the summer writing more songs for a new record. Enjoy, and if you like what you hear, click that Merch link above and buy some shit!

1. The Charme Of Flickering Lights 
2. Good Bye Bloodsuckers 
3. You Can't Fake The Funk 
4. Dust From Our Fingertips 
5. Gravity Shift 
6. Au Revoir Tristesse
7. Like Weeds

1. Bared Teeth
2. Home Sweet Home
3. Living Like The Living Dead
4. On Our Losses And Our Tears

4 WAY SPLIT LP w/Zann, Perth Express & Ghostlimb (2008)
1. For Medications Only
2. Who Will Survive And What Will Be Left Of Them

1. Less Than Nothing
2. We Must Run, We Must Run, We Must Run
3. Dem Staub Keine Trane
4. The Dead Next Door
5. We've Got Skies In Mind, But No Stars To See
6. Mistakes and Misdirections

1. Intro
2. Crooked Rooms
3. Throns and Shroud
4. Smaller and Smaller
5. Piano Gigante

END REIGN - Suicide Collection


Inarguably the best band in England doing this style of modern metallic hardcore at the moment, End Reign have churned out some absolute belters in the vein of Cursed, Trap Them and Rise & Fall. The Suicide Collection tape contains the entire recorded output of End Reign thus far, and serves as a pre-cursor to their upcoming album, and compliments the discography tape released by Church Of Fuck. This tape contains the tracks from their 2010 Demo, their split with Alaska and their Self Titled 7". It also contains a brand new track 'Sacrifice', a re-recorded version of 'Release The Wolves' and an exclusive full-live set. This is without doubt the most comprehensive End Reign release yet, and a must-have for both long-time fans of the band and people who have just discovered them! Buy the limited-to-50 tape now at Witch Hunter Records

1. Sacrifice
2. Release The Wolves
3. Horror
4. Abyss
5. To Pray For
6. Dream Eater
7. Paradise
8. Release The Wolves
9. The Freeze
10. Azrael
12. The Great Fall