IRA GRAVES - Demo & Ultra//Negative Split


IRA GRAVES is a devastating powerviolence/punk/hardcore band from Boston, MA. They released a demo in June 2011 under the name Graves but are now back to being called Ira Graves. They also put out a split with Ultra//Negative in 2012 and there are rumors of a full-length LP down the road. As for the music, like I said it's just brutal. Noisy, blown out, lightning-speed hardcore with elements of grindcore, crust, punk & thrash mixed in. The production is crazy, it will totally melt your speakers. And your head. Between the two records, you get 12 songs in under 10 minutes. That should tell you everything you need to know. Get this shit.

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ULTRA//NEGATIVE Split 7" (2012)
1. Breaking In
2. Coma Breath
3. Dig Your Hole
4. Predation
5. Surrogate

DEMO Cassette (2011)
1. Feed/Mute
2. Soul Lock
3. Maggot Colony
4. Hospital Bed/Machine
5. Human Pig
6. Terminal Greed
7. Consume Waste

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