NARRATIVES - Discography (2009-2013)


Narratives  is  was a great band from three states, North Carolina, South Carolina and Florida that formed in early 2009. Sadly for all of us, they just played their last show on June 21st 2013. Drawing influence from bands like Converge, Cursed, Young And In The Way & Modern Life Is War, everything they recorded is well worth breaking your neck to. Behind the venomous vocals is a raging wall of speaker-shredding guitars and pummeling drums that switch from d-beat to blast beats to foot-tapping hardcore, all within the same song. The band put out a cassette, a 7" EP and another Split 7" before calling it quits. Lucky for you, Narratives has made everything, plus more, available for download for free. Grab everything and then buy some records while you still can.

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SPLIT 7" w/VICES (2013)
1. Alone In The World/Alone At The Gates
2. Alone In The World
3. Alone At The Gates

1. Bearing
2. Birth
3. Grief
4. Death
5. Hell

1. Blind Leading The Blind
2. No Ribbons
3. American Downfall
4. Militance
5. Orchestrated
6. Atlas (Bonus Track)


Or feel free to get everything in one shot HERE courtesy of the band. While you're downloading, check out a video they put together of their last tour and enjoy some streaming music below. Go to Hell.

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