CURSED - This Time Next Year [HIGH QUALITY Upgrade]

I had previously posted a vinyl rip of the unreleased Cursed song "This Time Next Year". If, for some reason you don't recall, it was an outtake from the "One" LP session and was finally released this summer via a German bootleg LP titled "The Rest". This was the only completed outtake. There were a few abandoned half-songs, but nothing else made it to tape. While I'd like to think my rip of the track was ok, i'm happy to be able to offer a high quality upgrade for you. Trust me when I say that you're never going to find a better version of this song because this one was taken straight from the CD-R that came from the studio.



Hailing from Windsor, Canada are Corrupt Leaders. This band is HEAVY. And sounds MEAN. Musically they do their country proud, blasting out a self-titled 4-song EP that would definitely get a Chris Colohan seal of approval. Thick, brutal, crust covered production and wretched vocals make this a must have for any fan of Cursed or Baptists. This EP may eventually make it's way to a 7", but for now it's up for grabs for $0. Keep an eye on these guys, I can't wait to hear more from them.

- download -
1. Dig Their Own Graves
2. Breathe
3. Backward To Death
4. Traditions  of Abuse

HOMBRE MALO - All I Could Find


OK, so Hombre Malo is not a new band at all, but they are new to me, so fuck it, i'm gonna talk about them. Plus, every single download link for them on the web is dead, so I thought it would be a worthy mention. The band is from Oslo, Norway and contains former members of Ictus & Sons Of Saturn. I don't know either one of those bands either, but maybe it means something to you. Hombre Malo seems to get categorized as punk/doom/stoner stuff, which is usually a no-go for me. But, their Split LP with Desert Icons is fucking intense. Yeah it has fuzzed out guitars and tons of grooves but the production gives it a massive wall-of-crust feel to it. The Desert Icons side is pretty damn good too and in the same vein. I could only find their 1st LP and the Split LP mentioned above. They also have split 7" with Jack The Bearded Fisherman which you can buy here, and a brand new 7" but I can't find any info on it at all. Anyway, if you are into crusty doom-punk, definitely check them out. And if you have any of their stuff I am missing, feel free to contact me on the right->

- download -
1. 68 (Dolls)
2. Over This Darkness
3. Inoperative Receptors
4. Burial Ground For A Past Life
5. The Search (Desert Icons)
6. Animal Rage (Desert Icons)
7. Time For The Storm (Desert Icons)

1. Armour
2. Towers Fall At Night
3. Rolling Truck
4. Reilly's Armies

BURNING LOVE - Unreleased Demos (2007-2009)

BURNING LOVE [c. 2009]    ☼    BLOG    FACEBOOK

Burning Love started in 2007 as a side project to the Toronto bands Cursed and Our Father. It was not until the sudden breakup of Cursed that the band began writing and recording full-time. Following the dissolution of Cursed in 2008, Burning Love recorded a 5-song demo and released it on cassette. The demo was later pressed into a self-titled 7 inch in 2009 and released first on British label Thirty Days of Night Records (to coincide with a UK tour), and then domestically in April, 2010 on Deranged Records. This is the demo we have all come to know and love. But did you know there was another?

The band actually started recording their first EP in 2007. Engineering the session was Sean Pearson, who either recorded or mixed every Cursed record. It was also 5 songs, 3 of which (Lives Of The Saints, Alien VS. Creditor, Money Shots) ended up being re-recorded for the demo. Internet Exploder was later renamed to High Speed Wires for the "Songs For Burning Lovers" LP and Busted, which has never been formally released. According to frontman Chris Colohan, this early EP was just over-mixed until the band hated it. A final mix was never agreed upon, and the project was eventually abandoned. Soon thereafter, the "official" demo was recorded live one night in their jam space. But now thanks to the kindness of Mr. Colohan, in the spirit of The Stooges Funhouse Sessions & The Misfits Boxset, you can hear the rough, raw Burning Love EP that never was. Enjoy.

- download -
Lives Of The Saints
Money Shots
Internet Exploder

But that's not quite all. I also have a few more gems to share with you. A pair of practice space demos from 2008 that were recorded by guitarist Andrus Meret (Busted & Internet Exploder), and a smoking demo version of Gain from 2009, a song that ended up on the "Songs For Burning Lovers" LP. While these are definitely a treat for any Burning Love fan, don't expect pristine quality on these.

****These were put on Bandcamp for sharing purposes only. This shit is definitely NOT for sale****

HEARTLESS [R.I.P.] - Discography


Heartless was an AMAZINGLY brutal hardcore/punk/grind band from Pittsburgh, PA. Every single one of their songs fucking rages, they're pound-for-pound one of the best hardcore bands and they're way up there on my favorites list. "Hell Is Other People" is probably the best album title to ever exist. Unfortunately, they decided to call it quits earlier this month. Fucking devastating. They will no longer be participating in their planned October tour. That's it, the end. It's shitty news but hopefully they will go on to make more music in other bands, and at least they left behind a discography that's worth it's weight in gold:

- download -
1. Ruin
2. Unsewn
3. Vignette
4. Wrung Out
5. Excess
6. Mute
7. Unhinged
8. Certain Death

1. Clean Slate
2. Resuscitate/Suffocate
3. Cede
4. Late
5. Undulations
6. Tight Grip
7. Deject
8. Pathogen
9. Out Of Focus
10. Cast Down
11. Blinders
12. Cop Out
13. Hard Feelings

1. Absent
2. Buried
3. Concrete
4. Disgust
5. End Of The Line

SPLIT 7" w/THE BLIND (2010) Heartless songs only
1. Unending Ache
2. On My Head
3. The Same
4. I Despise

1. Stagnant
2. Broken Glass
3. Blank Pages
4. Life Of A Ghost
5. Legacy
6. Never Enough
7. Heartless

VOWS - Empty Graves EP (2013)

A few months ago I mentioned hardcore punk band VOWS from Long Island. I meant to mention them again when they put out a new EP in August but I totally dropped the ball. My computer was a disaster at the time and it just got lost in the shuffle. Anyway, I'm talking about it now so you should check it out and if you like it, go give them some money for it. It's 4 songs for $2, can't beat that. Definitely FFO Converge, Harms Way, Rise And Fall or a dozen other badass Deathwish bands.



So what is this? Well, I keep track of a lot of blogs that post a lot of awesome shit. And, to be honest, whenever I think about posting about a band that some other blog has covered, I feel like a dick. But, I don't want somebody reading this blog to potentially miss a life-altering band just because they missed it on another site. So, from time to time I'm just going to drop a pile of links here that have been "Dead Air At The Pulpit-approved".



Cursed - I (Why don't you have this already?)

CUT & PASTE - Too much to list, just go here









OK, it doesn't take a genius to figure out that if a band sounds even remotely like Cursed, or if they list Cursed as an influence, that band is going to end up on this site. I can tell you that personally, I am on a never-ending musical quest to find the band that comes closest to filling the void that Cursed left, and that quest is basically the impetus behind this blog. It's bands like Cross Builder from Austin, Texas that give me hope. They are a newer 3-piece that had their first show in May of this year and are getting set to unleash a 4-song cassette on Anvileater Records in early October. The EP is streaming on their Bandcamp page and the 2nd song, Bad Vibes, is able to be downloaded. It's got perfect production and is jam-packed with what I like to call Cursed-riffs & Cursed-drums. Bands either have those things or they don't. Cross Builder's got them. Follow this band.

JACKALS - Dronepunk


Looks like it's a hardcore-Australia Sunday, Jackals is another newer band from Sydney. They caught my interest earlier this year with their hilarious, smartass Facebook updates but I knew their shit was for real when they started teasing their new CD. That disc, titled 'Dronepunk', is out now on Art As Catharsis Records. Downloads are free and you can get the limited-to-100 CD, complete with awesome post-apocalyptic Beavis & Butthead-looking artwork, at the label's Bandcamp site. As far as the music goes, well it's Dronepunk; a mix of sludge-infused, punk and doom-laden hardcore. Think Cursed & Trap Them mixed with the doom-like tendencies of Gaza. Then add some of the intricate guitar work you might find on a Converge album, but subtract the bullshit pretentiousness you might also find on that same Converge album. Like they say, Dronepunk. Eat it.

- download -
1. Alpha & Omega
2. Eyeless/Dreaming
3. Dancing To The Pulse
4. This Madman Is Me
5. God Is In The Numbers
6. Claw Marks In The Ether
7. Jackals



Vile Ways is a new band from Sydney, Australia that formed earlier this summer, as far as I can tell. Their 4-song demo is available and it's a brutal chunk of d-beat crust. The production is great for a demo, it's got a huge intimidating sound. If I were them, I'd be putting this out as a 7". If you're a fan of All Pigs Must Die, Mammoth Grinder or Hatred Surge... you're gonna wanna take a listen to this.

- download -
1. Unrequited
2. Sleepist
3. Lives Of The Snakes
4. Symbiote

RANT - Self Titled Cassette EP


Fucking Germany. I swear to God there must be some sort of law over there that demands every hardcore band be amazing. Rant is one of those amazing bands from Germany, Trier to be exact. They just released their first EP in cassette form with beautiful packaging. It's 6 songs of headbanging, toe-tapping hardcore crust and you would be a fool not to check it out.

FFO other great German bands like Alpinist, Trainwreck, Deathrite, Depravation & the brand new band Svffer...

- download -
1. A Burial Rite
2. Self-Liberation, Stronger Than Your Nation
3. La Bete Noire
4. Rot Alive
5. It's A Curse
6. One More Dance, No More Tomorrow



Rope is a new band from Quebec City that I don't know much about. The band consists of members of Unfallen, Striver, Punch Out, Blacklashed & Revolt. They just put out a name-your-price 2-song EP on Bandcamp. It's fucking great. Southern Lord-esque cust with venomous vocals. I can't wait to hear more from them. If anyone has any info on this band, leave it in the comments please!

- download -
1. No One To Dig Your Grave
2. Choked



Brutal metallic crust/hardcore from Moscow, Russia. 
FFO Entombed, Converge, Harm's Way, All Pigs Must Die, Enabler, Trap Them, Hessian etc.. etc...

download -
1. Fire Burst Into A Blaze
2. Isolation
3. Alco Side
4. Dead Beat Circus

1. The Corrupted
2. Old Colonel Matterson
3. Demons Swarm
4. Groveller (The Chains)
5. Ride To Nowhere (The Chains)
6. Dancing With The Spades (The Chains)

1. Swap Your Guts For Melons
2. God's Tearstrain
3. Metaphorazine
4. Pervertito
5. Buried So Deep
6. Whalers



SICK/TIRED. God damn. I just discovered this band fairly recently and they have been shredding my stereo speakers ever since. It's just an insane barrage of grindcore, crust, powerviolence & hardcore that never lets up. I've never heard a band sound like Nails, Burning Love & Napalm Death all in the same song. And with Sick/Tired, that happens A LOT.

They have a shitload of releases which you can pick up over at the awesome CUT & PASTE blog.

A new 7" is coming out in October which you can stream below.

Also, check out a video of the mayhem in action...

MØRKT KAPITTEL - Self-Titled 7" & Gro Igjen LP


Mørkt Kapittel is a hardcore crust/punk band from Trondheim, Norway. Formed in 2007, they have put out a 7" and a 1-sided LP with an etched B-side. I'm not going to say they are a melodic hardcore band, but their songs are very catchy and have a weird way of making you think they are going to be nicer than they are. If that makes any sense. I can say they kind of remind me of Alpinist or Jungbluth if that sways you at all.

download -
Buy the 1-sided LP at their Bandcamp page
1. Mekanisk Liv
2. Sår 
3. I Kjævan
4. En Ny Vår

1. Liten fabel 
2. Dømmekraften 
3. Det her e en drøm / Oppvåkningen
4. Lenka te håpet

WORMS FEED - S​/​T MMXII (High Quality Update)


I've mentioned Worms Feed from Belgium before, but let me just remind you that this band was fucking amazing! This recording is so god damned good. It broke my heart when they called it quits a few months ago, but what is even more of a crime is that this is never going to get a proper vinyl release. At least the band has finally made the album available for a high-quality download. Their bandcamp page only has 200 free downloads so if you aren't gonna donate any cash to them for it, it would probably help them out if you use my download link below.

If you don't like this, you are forever banned from this blog.

download -
1. She Sang
2. Crawling In Reverse
3. Trashcanman
4. The Boy Who Cried Wolf
5. I Thought We Banned People Like You
6. Little Love Bird
7. Hank Williams Is Gone
8. Heading Nowhere Fast
9. Rehearsing Affection
10. Maggots Turn To Flies
11. Worms Feed On Us

THE SWARM - Parasitic Skies LP Re-Master News

Just a heads up in case you didn't know about this. No Idea records has re-pressed Parasitic Skies by the Swarm, the Chris Colohan-fronted post-Left For Dead, Pre-Cursed, straight edge power violence band. But it's not just any re-press, this thing has gotten a desperately needed remaster and the vinyl has been re-cut for a 12" release. The LP has 3 additional songs and the download has 3 more additional live tracks. The first pressing is limited to 500. It goes without saying that this is a brutal record and a must have.


Also, check out some tracks & an interview Colohan did with Top Shelf about the re-release: