HARROWED - S/T Demo (2012) + LP Track (2013)


Spawning from the ashes of Santa Karla, along with Unholy Majesty, is Kent's HARROWED. As you can tell by my profile pic at the top right of this page, I like this band. A LOT. As Unholy Majesty has leaned towards a punk/metal approach, Harrowed has continued and expanded on the path that Santa Karla was headed towards, creating the ideal mixture of hardcore and crust. Full of intensity & ferocity, you can hear the band's potential in their 2 song demo cassette. And in every picture or video i've seen, it looks like the band is always just one step away from literally shoving their music down your throat. They've streamed one track from their LP that is set to be released any day now, and it doesn't disappoint, confirming it to be my most anticipated release this year, by far. Check them out. Now.

S/T DEMO Cassette (2012)
1. Homebound
2. Salome

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