AL-KAFIR - Prozac

GENRE: Powerviolence, Noisegrind, Sludge
FFO: Water Torture, Weak-Dying, Hailnothing
D/L: Zippyshare or Bandcamp

Al-Kafir, from Richmond, VA, play destructive Bass & Drum Violence. The name of the band comes from the Arab word "Kafir" wich means "non believer" or "Godless". Worth a listen if you like pissed off and fucked up noisy music.

PRAY FOR TEETH - From The Dry Edge Of The Shore

GENRE: Post Rock, Post HC, Sludge
FFO: Cult of Luna, Light Bearer, Alaskan
D/L: Zippyshare or Bandcamp

PRAY FOR TEETH are a Doomish post HC band from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

With the intensity of their music, they can be compared with genre masters Cult of Luna, Alaskan and late Fall of Efrafa. Beautiful Post Rock.. Heavy Sludge/HC parts... Desperate shouting vocals.

In my Opinion one of the best bands of this genre. The genre mentioned on their own Bandcamp page just says: Punk. And in the spirit of Punk they put out all their records in a "Name your Price" policy.

So take a look at this highly recommendable band!

DECLIVE - Discography

GENRE: Raw Punk, Hardcorepunk
FFO: The Flex, Poison Idea, Creem, Hoax
D/L.:Declive - Discography

DECLIVE are a four piece chilean band, they played a most 80's raw punk styles in a some punks bands like Creem or The Flex way's, the spirit of punk is alive in these guys.

The sound of the band is the same garage punk bands with a violent vocalization and dynamic riffs, energetic guitars and haunting rhythmic base, bass and drums quite cohesive. They have personal lyricals, apathetics and nihilistics,

DECLIVE represents a fresh air in the local scene. Essential.