BAPTISTS - Live on KEXP 90.3 FM


Baptists are from that hardcore holy-land known as Canada. Vancouver to be specific. They list their influences as Cursed, Coliseum, Converge, Trap Them, Slayer. etc. etc. This should tell you all you need to now. I also have a soft spot in my heart for Nirvana, and they recently uploaded a raging cover of "Tourettes" on their Bandcamp page. Needless to say, I love this band, and their LP "Bushcraft" is one of my favorite records of 2013. You should own it.

On August 14th, 2013, the band recorded 6 songs live at KEXP 90.3 FM in Seattle. It's an amazing recording session that is on par with the LP in terms of quality & excitement. Personally.. controlled, live, in-studio recordings are among my favorites.

Download the session below (does not contain the brief band interviews). You could also stream the full performance, including interviews, at the bottom of this post, or just head over to KEXP's site if you want to be official about it. High quality pictures of the recording session can be seen HERE.

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BAPTISTS LIVE on KEXP 90.3 FM (8/14/2013)
1. Betterment
2. Think Tank Breed
3. Bullets
4. Bushcraft
5. In Droves
6. Abandon



Altercado is a hardcore/crust band from Chile that has apparently been around for quite some time(?). A Bandcamp page just popped up but their albums date back to 2004. I was going to write that they sound like a Spanish speaking version of a bunch of Deathwish bands. But i guess it's the Deathwish bands that sound like an English speaking version of Altercado. Crazy. Anyway, this stuff is super catchy and super heavy. Great rough recording quality but with clean execution, if that makes any sense. Worth checking out.

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1. Ejercito De Fantasmas 
2. Modelo Economico 
3. Guerra Fria 
4. Almas Fatigadas 
5. Ansiedad 
6. Como Una Piedra 
7. Poder Judicial 
8. Maldito Payaso 
9. Viviré... 
10. Dolor 
11. Estan Perdidos 
12. Imperio Prepotente 
13. Canto De Fusil 
14. Ralco Y Los Sentimientos Inundados 
15. Pinochet Muertos 
16. Igualdad

1. Un Millon De Pacos Muertos 
2. Cegados 
3. Vives En Mi Silencio 
4. Seguimos Cantandole Al D.I.Y. 
5. Vagabundo 
6. Lo Que A Ti No Te Importa 
7. La Chusma Quiere Incendiar El Cielo 
8. Radio Rebelion

SCHAEFER Split LP (2012)
1. Asesina A Tus Asesinos
2. Cuando No Podemos Soñar...Morimos
3. Voices In Transit
4. La Mariposa Vuela Lejos
5. La Ultima Cancion

BUS CRUSHER - Basement Torture EP


Bus Crusher is a pummeling 2-piece from Birmingham, AL. They describe themselves as 2 buds who really like making angry and especially brutal music together, and then giving it away for free. That right there has me hooked. Their 5 song EP runs the gamut of powerviolence & grindcore. All over the place and always heavy. Listen to this and run into a wall.

FFO: ULTRA//NEGATIVE, Shitstorm, IRA Graves, Tinnitus etc....

download - band submission -
1. Teachings Through Beatings
2. Seppuku
3. Impossible Horror
4. Become
5. Basement Torture



Everybody Goes to Hell was a hardcore band from Bowling Green, OH active from 2008-2010. Former members are currently involved with Thrash Metal outfit Wretches, and past associated acts include Big Fat Japan and The Seeress Prophecy. Once again, I don't know much about this band, and they obviously aren't around anymore. BUT, a Bandcamp page for them just popped up with what I'm assuming is their entire recorded output. It's 5 songs of great, old school hardcore/crust with tons of anger, energy and most importantly, riffs that Chris Colohan would be proud of. Well worth the 'name your price' download.

FFO: Left For Dead & The Swarm...

download -
1. Combine
2. Axis
3. Time Devourer
4. Gigyas
5. Black Teeth

HERETIC - Demo '13

Heretic is a new hardcore/punk/d-beat band from Gainesville, FL. That's about all I know about this band, other than the fact that they may or may not mean business, depending on how you take the picture above. Anyway, they threw up a 5-song demo recorded in a garage with 2 mic's on Bandcamp. I actually like how it sounds, even though it leans a lot to the punk side of the spectrum, which made me think twice about even posting it here. But, seeing how everyone and their mother is losing their shit about bands like Obliterations, I figured some of you might enjoy it. If nothing else, it's a band you're going to want to keep an eye on.

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DEMO (2013)
1. Devoured By Madmen
2. Privacy Is An Illusion
3. Mind Static
4. Unspoken pain
5. Do You Hear Me?

SVFFER - Self Titled 7"


SVFFER is a badass new(?) 4-piece, female-fronted band from Bielefeld/Münster, Germany. A few sites have already given their upcoming 7" some great write-ups, so I'll just post those links for you to check out.

I just had to mention them because this record is one of the best things I've heard all summer. It's going to be released by vendetta and Narshardaa Records on 29 August on 100 white and 400 black vinyl, pre-order now at the links below.

Grab it here or at a 'name your price' option at their bandcamp. 
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SELF TITLED 7" (2013)
1. This Life / A Curse
2. Misfit
3. Isolation
4. Walls



Totem Skin are from Borlänge/Falun, Sweden, who are "a bunch of emopunks trying to play grind". They're doing a fine job as their shit is absolutely RAGING. They recently posted a new song on their Bandcamp that they hope to have out on a LP soon. Take a listen and grab their other releases below.

FFO: Trap Them, Jungbluth, Nails & Alpinist

download -
1. To Live Is To Be Haunted
2. No Gods, No Masters
3. Drick Värmen ur min Hand
4. He Wears A Mask, And His Face Grows To Fit It
5. We Wished To Free The Captured Foxes
6. Our Hearts Were Gardens

1. You Embrace Your Decay
2. Reap What You Sow
3. The Romans Make A Desert And Call It Peace
4. Tomhet Ar Allt
5. From Ashes Come Nothing
6. Seasons Don't Fear The Reaper, We Can Be Like They Are



I was turned on to this band by the genius that is DOOMNOMAD.
She sums them up much better than i could:

I spent my Sunday catching up on recommended music. Couple nice records, but one stands out. Prelude to the Hunt, oh sweet Jesus! 
The band’s facebook page cites The Stooges, Cursed and Melvins as musical influences. Imagine my excitement ;) 
Among their releases is a split EP with a cover version of Cursed’s “Reparations”. YEEEEEAAAAAH, potential blasphemy. But they nailed it. Immense vocals. 
I have no clue what the government puts in the (genuinely delicious) Scottish tap water; the amount of great bands here is staggering. 
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ESOTERIC YOUTH Split Cassette (2013)
1. Tomb World
2. Reparations (Cursed)

1. Terror By Night
2. The Lord And The Lioness
3. Inhaling Earth
4. Grudgebearer
5. Black Moon

DARKEST SEASON Vol 1 4-Way Split 7" (2010)
1. Grudgebearer


OK so after listening to the download I posted the other day, i realized the quality sucked pretty bad. So, here's another (and hopefully last) post about the Cursed bootleg LP "The Rest". If you downloaded the LP from here earlier, delete that shit. This sounds way better, I think. If not, let me know....

download -
1. Polygraph
2. God And Country
3. Disruptacon (Another Day)
4. Hell Comes Home
5. Search And Destroy
6. This Time Next Year (Dead Or Alive)
7. Blackout At Sunrise
8. The Hands Will Abide
9. Hawaii
10. Reparations
11. Promised Land / Polygraph
12. Antihero Resuscitator 
13. Into The Hive

HARROWED - Into Inferno (Streaming)

Forget Dead In The Dirt, Deafheaven and Nails. This right here is the album of the year. I've been looking forward to this for months and months and months. LP out soon. Buy or die.


First off, let me apologize for the lack of recent posts. Like I said earlier I had a catastrophic computer failure so it's been a slow road back. BUT, I finally received my copy of the new Cursed bootleg "The Rest" and I was too excited to not post about it. What can I say, you get a brand new Cursed song. That's really all you need to know. I already had every other release on here, but I would still pay triple the price just for "This Time Next Year". I can only hope that there are more unreleased songs in a vault somewhere.

As for the download below, I think the quality is decent. OK, the quality isnt the greatest after i've taken the time to listen to it. I will try to get a better rip up soon. I lost all my good audio software in my computer crash, so all you audiophiles are just going to have to deal with it. It IS a vinyl rip and it IS a bootleg so take that into consideration. The volume on the vinyl is very low to begin with. I de-clicked a little and EQ'd a little but couldn't clean it up any better than it is without a lot more time being spent on it. If someone feels the need to hook me up with some kick ass editing software, feel free to email me. While you are downloading the LP, listen to a stream of "This Time Next Year" (AKA Dead Or Alive). I still have goosebumps.