WORMS FEED - Discography (2009-2013)


Worms Feed was an amazing band from Belgium, but unfortunately for us they decided to call it quits this past May via their Facebook page. They had released a CD EP and a 7", which were both very good, but what I was really looking forward to was their debut full length LP. Recorded in 2012, no release date was ever set and band updates became few and far between. Now, it looks like it will probably never get pressed on vinyl due to money issues and the fact that a label won't want to put it out now. It's a real shame because the LP is fucking killer! It's definitely one of the best new things i've heard over the past year and I'm so bummed   I'll never hear it on vinyl. Oh well, shit happens. For now you can download it below along with their other stuff. The LP is only at 128k but that's all that's available at the moment. Keep an eye out on their Facebook page as they've hinted at possibly releasing a high quality version in the future. Good news, the band has released the LP in high quality. See my updated post about it .

Black Snow 7" (2011)
2. Memories 

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