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Hey. I need some help. I'm only bringing it up because I don't want this blog to die like so many others that have come and gone. Running this site has been way more work than I ever imagined it would be. I now understand why other sites have many many contributors. And I also now understand why some sites just give you album art and a download link. I may fucking despise that, but now at least I understand it. That will never happen here but I could really use a few good people to help me out with finding new bands and doing small write-ups on them. I may even consider people that just want to do show/album reviews. 

Between feeling like crap most days and my job making me want to murder people, it's getting harder and harder for me to actually enjoy working on this site. The blog gets more visitors than I ever thought it would get, and more importantly, I've met a ton of cool people/bands from doing this. I don't want it to implode.

So, if you think you can help me out, email me at and we can talk more. If you follow this blog at all, you should know what the requirements are. Basically, if you like Cursed, then you are on the right track. If you don't like Cursed, please don't contact me. You're dead to me. 




Blackest is a 5-piece metallic hardcore/punk band from New York. They seem to be pretty new to the scene, don't really have any info on them at all, but they did just put out a fantastic 5-song EP. The recording and production quality is incredible on this, I only wish there was more. Every song is completely brutal and as I listen to them, I can't help but be reminded of Trap Them, Cursed/Burning Love & Norma Jean. These are all good things to be reminded of when listening to music. Got info on them? Leave it in the comments.

- download -
1. Scumsuckers
2. Memphis
3. Collection Plate
4. Ghost In The Hand
5. War Wagon

ENCLOSED - Self Titled


Enclosed is a 3-piece Crust/Sludge/Doom band from The San Fernando Valley in California. This is a side project for another California experimental grindcore band called Vulva Essers. As you can imagine, this 3-song release is frantic, dirty and HEAVY. It reminds me a lot of one of my favorite bands, Negative Standards. If you prefer your hardcore to be insane, I think that you'll like Enclosed.

- download -
1. Intro/I've Had Enough
2. Fall
3. Cold Hands

GROUND - Under


Formed in Oct. 2012, Ground is a New Jersey based grindcore band.
Check out their brand new 14-track album. For fans of Sick/Tired.

- download -
1. Deceive//Neglect
2. Syke Spike Domestic Goddess
3. Minimal Effort
4. Combat Cocktail (F.U.B.A.R.)
5. No Sympathy
6. Dog Face Skank
7. John On The Prowl
8. This One's About...
9. Lead Astray
10. Hate When You Speak
11. CUNTsumer
12. Thoughtless
13. Slave To Me
14. Supposed To Rot

1. John On The Prowl
2. F.U.B.A.R.

PUIG DESTROYER - Wait For Spring


Your favorite grindcore baseball band is back with a new EP. Eight more songs to get you through the long wait for opening day. And if you missed out on their 1st 7", it just got re-pressed by The Ghost Is Clear Records.

- download -
1. Rise And Grind
2. First To Third
3. Whatever It Takes
4. Controlled Violence
5. Pitcher Wins
6. Cut You Down
7. Play The Game (The Right Way)
8. Fuck The Media



WITHERANDROT are a melodic crust band from Corona, CA whose influences include Discharge, Tragedy, His Hero Is Gone, From Ashes Rise, Disfear and Downfall Of Gaia. If that sounds like something you'd be into...

- download -
1. For The Ones Never Found
2. War Hungry
3. Dwelling In Sorrow
4. Manos
5. Depths Of Despair



Tutti I Colori Del Buio (All The Colors Of The Dark in English) is from Turin, Italy and they get their name from the 1972 Giallo by Sergio Martino, who is the band's Elvis, according to their Facebook page. Their 4-song demo released last month is 11 minutes of dark, depraved discomfort. It may be only a demo, but it's ferocity already rivals fellow Italiani, The Secret & Hierophant. Their cover of Black Flag's Room 13 is so fucking heavy and brutal, it probably would give Henry Rollins nightmares for years.Their latest update states they are currently working on new songs, and they are all about discomfort. Listen to this tonight & cry yourself to sleep.

- download -
1. Intro
2. Stop Your Fun With A Bullet
3. More Than Sartre, Less Than Allin
4. Room 13

LETHE - Λήθη


Lethe is a great example of a band that knows how to perfectly execute blackened, hardcore-crust. If you're a fan of anything that's ever been on this blog, then you're going to also be a fan of this band. Lethe is from Greece and features members of Fields Of Locust, Dirty Wombs & Dala Sun. Their 10-song self titled LP is coming out soon and is being co-released by Imminent Destruction Records, Scarecrow Records, No Sanctuary Records, Centipede Records, The Music We Create Records, Eye5 Records & Clean Head records. Jesus Christ, that's a lot of record labels! Get it in digital form below and be on the lookout for the physical copy at the links above.

- download -
1. Nεκροσάβανο
2. Πνιγερή Καταχνιά
3. Ρόλος
4. Αξημέρωτη Νύχτα
5. Έρεβος
6. Σηψικάμινος
7. Αγέλη 
8. Αδιέξοδο 
9. Αντιχριστιανικό
10. Ψωραλέα Δυσανθρωπίλα

ENTOMBED - To Ride... Promo & Early Alt. Mixes


As part of their PledgeMusic Threeman Reissue Campaign, Entombed has recently unloaded a slew of alternate mixes of their 1997 album To Ride, Shoot Straight And Speak The Truth. From the band:
"Here’s the full first To Ride… album mix that Tomas Skogsberg did on his own…as I remember it Nicke thought the drums didn’t have the room and overhead mics loud enough…so the remix we later released ended up being a little more noisy and harder and sharper sounding around the high-end range of cymbals etc…listening to the finished album on the stereo back at the studio after the mastering we started out on 11 but the kept turning it down a little between songs as it was a little hard on the ears after a couple of tracks. The drum room was a really hard stone room with white painted brick walls. I remember the guys at Roadrunner Records really liked the album but thought they were listening to the rough mix…This alternative mix might be a little cleaner sounding…as I said it’s what was sent out to writers to review…don’t think no promos were made from the actual mix released…now you have both. You be the judge. Enjoy!"
Also made available are earlier mixes of 2 of those songs, Boats & Wreckage:
"Uffe came by the mastering studio and helped going through DAT tapes of multiple takes and mixes. Here are two mixes that very very few people have ever heard…including ourselves even… I had not heard them once at the studio in 1996. Mike Fraser was the second mixer to have a go at To Ride…"

- download -
1. To Ride, Shoot Straight And Speak The Truth
2. Like This With The Devil
3. Lights Out
4. Wound
5. They
6. Somewhat Peculiar
8. Parasight
9. Damn Deal Done
10. Put Me Out
11. Just As Sad
12. Boats
13. Uffe's Horrorshow
14. Wreckage




Brand new powerviolence/hardcore band from Bielefeld, Germany. Features former member of the recently disbanded Hyëna, which is another band that you should definitely check out. Sickmark already has a pummeling 5-song demo out and they don't even play their first shows for another 2 weeks. Grab it below and witness the glory of German hardcore.

- download -
1. No Way
2. C.M.S.
3. Police Scum
4. Born Dead
5. Wage Work








DEGRADED - Generalized Oppression


Degraded is/was a violent grind punk band from Bordeaux, France. I don't know the whole story but the band has 2 sets of Facebook pages & 2 sets of Bandcamp pages. They are all nearly identical, except the older sets of pages state that the band is dead, whereas the newer set of pages make it seem like some changes are underway but the band is continuing. Either way, they put out a great 18-song LP in April that seems to have gone unnoticed. It's free on both Bandcamp pages and you can still buy a copy of the vinyl at the link above. Well worth a listen if you like your crust punk to have anarcho-grind tendencies.

- download -
1. Dimitris
2. Abstentionism 
3. Mainstream Mediocrity
4. Homs is Falling
5. Nazionist
6. Tradition of Domination
7. Sell your Dignity
8. Banksters Hegemony
9. Heritage
10. Envoy of Passivity
11. Police Brutality
12. Sufferings from Laboratory
13. Communihilist 
14. Security Lies
15. Deception Unleashed 
16. Antispeciesist Action
17. Potential Riot 
18. Generalized Oppression

HAAPOJA - New Track + LP & EP


I won’t say that everything is a remix, the guys pointed there are without intention too explicit, is almost plagiarism. On the other hand, I think people like Tarantino do it intentionally, like “lets put some chambara blood spilling here, a spoonful of Leone spaghetti western pace there and a hint of funky blaxploitation flow over there”. I think that sort of “practice” is called Pastiche and is also somehow a way of homage, and just the task of choosing what to put in, what blends with what in order to create what I want is hard enough and more than valuable. Just think about a party playlist, a show setlist (please ignore Kerry King & Co’s last effort), or bands like Ghost and Toxic Holocaust… you’ve heard all that before, but it is quite colorful anyway.

But this also happens unintentionally and not so explicitly. With some bands you may have the reaction “I’ve never heard something like this, THIS IS SO FRESH”, but then you start to track sounds down, just identifying this never-heard-thing with other shit you have checked, but perhaps forgot it. Haapoja gives me that glorious sensation. Feels like all happens so organically, like eating a pig that’s fed with hormones; you eat it, and then you start growing boobs. This guys are fed and flooded on sweet stuff, that is actually hard to track their sources, about it I can just mention stuff like the guitar work of Blasphemer in Mayhem and Czral in Virus and Ved Buens Ende… and even Deathspell Omega and the classic finnish death metal band Mordicus (grooves I say!). These are big names in extreme metal, that perhaps gets Haapoja drunk, and then vomits it in a deliciously crafted form of metallic hardcore. Maybe I am missing a ton of other stuff, is just my cheap background.

As a finnish act, Haapoja are also having their own thing. Hailing from Oulu, this band formed around 2011. With not too much bio information about them on the web, they have released an EP in 2011 and an LP this year and appeared in the very tasteful Blastbeat Mailmurder’s Monomaniac Vol 2 & 3 compilation. I don’t think their releases sound too different from each other, the vocals maybe differ, but they truly build a jawdropping continuation.

I know nowadays to talk about originality is a waste and shit, but really, this band made me dream about the possibility of ever abusing music. It is just too fresh, mos def ice cold. Quoting Nail’s Todd Jones Metal has been written, and now all you have to do is study it. I mean, that’s it. The door is closed. There’s no more original.”, but Haapoja has written a laureated thesis folks, and let’s just wait what months of not being exposed to the sun will bring.

PS: Til now, everything can be streamed and downloaded from their bandcamp… DONATE OR DIE IN FIRE!!

New Track:

- download -
1. Suuren Varjon Alla
2. Ihmisyyden Raja
3. Elämän Vaihtokauppa
4. Takauma
5. 360 Astetta
6. Kerosiini
7. Suurempi, Hallitsematon
8. Kolmetoista Askelta
9. Ikuistettu

1. Rajamailla
2. Tajunnan Laidalla
3. Hallitsematonta Voimaa
4. Ihmiskoe
5. Tartunta
6. Teko Tapaani Johtaa

MENTAL WASTE - Permanent Damage


Here are the facts as I know them about Mental Waste:
  1. They are a 2 piece fastcore/grind/powerviolence band from the U.S., possibly Salinas, CA.
  2. They do all their recording/releasing DIY & everything is free for download.
  3. They want you to crash your car into a wall.
  4. They have released 24 songs and it will take you 15 minutes to listen to them.
  5. They sound like Nails if Nails were WAY more pissed off at the world.
  6. They would also appeal to fans of Dead In The Dirt & Full Of Hell.
  7. They hate you for not already starting your download.

- download -
1. Tired
2. Hope
3. Dirt
4. No One
5. Try
6. Void
7. Done
8. Blind
9. Generation
10. Acceptance

released by Knochen Tapes
1. Poisoned Mind

1. Reason
2. Give Up
3. Can't Escape
4. Alone
5. Waste Of Time
6. Infection
7. Pressure
8. Self Hate
9. Shut Your Mouth
10. Dead Weight

1. Reason
2. Infection
3. Dead Weight

WAR WOLF - Crushing The Ways Of The Old


'Crushing The Ways Of The Old' is the debut full-length LP from War Wolf, 12 tracks of raging Hardcore/Doom from Brighton, UK. This is their 3rd release and the follow up from the split with Sob Story. This is a joint release between Headless Guru Records, Tadpole Records and Atomsmasher Records. Featuring members from stoner/doom legends Dopefight & Sea Bastard, War Wolf firmly plant themselves right in the middle of the hardcore trenches. I swear, if Entombed was still a great band, this is what they would sound like. They worked hard on this new LP, but they are still cool enough to give it away. So if you like it, feel free to "name your price" on their Bandcamp page. For fans of: Entombed, Infest, Hellmouth, Full Of Hell, Dystopia, Nihilist & Hessian.

Crushing The Ways Of The Old Pre-Order Links:
Headless Guru (vinyl)  -  Atomsmasher (vinyl)  -  Dry Cough (cassette)

- download -
1. Christianity Is Dying
2. Oxygen Thieves
3. The Upper Hand
4. Denial/Decline
5. Doomed To Crave
6. Legalized Love
7. Douse These Cinders
8. Pro Choice
9. Democratic Failures
10. Cave Dwellers
11. The Buried Believer
12. Muskets At Dawn

1. Land Of Betrayal
2. Foxhole nihilist

1. An Ignorant Species
2. Stench Of Death
3. Awakened Gaunt
4. Cometh
5. The Misanthrope
6. War Machine
7. Liberation
8. Slain Deity

HARROWED - Into Inferno [Pre-Order]


FINALLY... You can now pre-order the 'Into Inferno' LP by Harrowed. I've been waiting for this ever since they announced they were recording for it about a year ago. I was blown away by their demo tape, and I knew some of the members used to be in Santa Karla. So, I was pretty confident that this LP was going to be a beast. After hearing a preview track and then hearing the whole thing streaming, it looks like I was right. In a year that has brought countless amazing releases, 'Into Inferno' still has my vote for album of the year. I highly suggest that you get this one, it's a dual-release by UK labels Feast Of Tentacles & Destructive Nature. Plus, you get a free patch if you pre-order. It doesn't look like Destructive Nature has their pre-order set up quite yet, but you can always email them for more info. Otherwise, order it and stream the album below.

From Feast Of Tentacles

BURNT X CROSS - Self Titled


Burnt X Cross is a 5-piece metallic hardcore band from the heart of Siberia that formed in 2012. 
For fans of Integrity, Rot In Hell, Ringworm & Harm's Way.

- download -
1. Архистратиг
2. Прокаженный
3. Триумф Рабов
4. Четыре Всадника
5. Люцифер

KAPYTAEN - Split & Self Titled Demo


Kapytaen hails from the lands of Franconia in Germany. Yes, Germany. You know what's coming next don't you? That's right, brilliantly executed hardcore crust with insane drums, wretched vocals and perfect guitars. This band is definitely for any fans of other German hardcore like Deathrite, Patsy O' Hara, Hieroglyphs & Kyrest. They just released a split EP with another great band from France called Belladone, which you can also grab below, courtesy of their Bandcamp page.

- download -
1. Pneumothorax
2. 34,7°F
3. Renuntiatio
4. Para Nada
5. Hoffnung
6. Lebensangst

1. Enkonduko
2. Sagart T Suas
3. Para Nada
4. Sobredosis Gris
5. Povera
6. Interlude
7. Bonos Annos
8. Renuntiatio
9. Melu
10. Haista Vittu

FISSURE - Self Titled


Fissure is a Hardcore/Fastcore/Punk band from Southern California. They just dropped an 8-song EP on Bandcamp and it is currently shredding my speakers to death. This is some ferocious, deadly shit for fans of ACxDC and Sick/Tired. Not to mention, they have some of the best song titles I've seen in quite a while. If you like what you hear, head over to their Bandcamp page and throw some $$$ at them.

- download -
1. Junkie's Day Off
2. Left-Footed
3. Gary Busey For President Of The Moon
4. Untitled
5. Hey, Bro, You Like Attack Attack!?
6. I Want All Our Songs To Be About Rims
7. I Used To Cut Myself To Dashboard Confessional
8. G.I.M.P.

APOSTASIS - Vaginal Onslaught


When's the last time you heard a completely badass, all-female hardcore band? My guess is never. Sure, there are plenty of female-fronted bands popping up out there, but Apostasis is the real deal. Four grrls from L.A. ready to kick your ass. Their EP combines elements of punk, crust & hardcore, and, holy shit, do I hear an actual bassline being played here? Fuck yes I do. Check them out.

- download
1. Limbus
2. Herded To Flames
3. B.M.S.A.
4. Black Death



Hey! Big Surprise! Another band that I know almost nothing about! They're from Melbourne and they just put out a nice sounding demo. Great recording quality as far as demos go. What do they sound like? Well, they kind of remind me of Tragedy or Ruination a little bit, and a ton of other bands I can't think of. Young, punk, and a little rough around the edges. But what the fuck do I know. Decide for yourselves.

- download -
1. Common Druid
2. Freedom Rats
3. Curtain The Show
4. Pricks
5. Surfs Up
6. Turn The Cross On It's Head



OK, bear with me on this one. I know a masked band that has a ton of releases with a million songs might appear to be a "joke band". I know this because that's exactly what I thought when I saw them. However, this shit is actually pretty good! Insane, fun, crusty grind/hardcore. In their own words:
"We are a masked terrorist trio from Finland. Join and spread the Vitutus! Psykoanalyysi was formed by Kari Grindi already in 2008 when he released the first Psykoanalyysi demo "Demokratiavaje", which contained 10 songs in one minute. The basic idea to say fuck you to everything and play really short, straight to the point hardcore punk."
- download -
3 songs

24 songs

22 songs

7 songs

19 songs

33 songs