News today from Dead In The Dirt. The Atlanta-based vegan grindcore band, who easily has one of the best band names of all time, started streaming a 2nd song from their upcoming LP "The Blind Hole" coming out on Southern Lord in August. The internet is already raging with praise of this new album and from the 2 songs below, it's easy to see why. It is simply bludgeoning grindcore that does not fuck around. Pre-order one of the various LP/CD/SHIRT combos now at Southern Lord. Also, a more in-depth review along with their West Coast tour dates can be found at Cvlt Nation. Check out the 2 new tracks along with more:

1. The Screaming Wind
2. Bastards Of The Bleak
3. Disease
4. Two Flames
5. Burden Of Life
6. Can They Suffer...
7. Biting At The Binds
8. Sever The Tie
9. Skin Graft
10. Fear

1. Disease
2. Two Flames
3. Burden Of Life
4. Sever The Tie

VOID EP (2010) via Annihilate Next Week
1. Gried
2. Wage Labor Blues
3. Slave
4. Disappear
5. Few and Far Between

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