Tinnitus is a 4-piece fastcore, powerviolence band from Worcester, MA. They sound pretty much like how the picture above looks. Dark, fast, intense and intimidating, flying past you just slow enough to punch you in the gut. Their demo is more on the spastic side of the scale, appealing to fans of Infest & Crossed out. But fast forward a few years and you've got Volume II, which has a more refined sound that reminds me of early Nails, deathly-short songs filled with feedback and blast beats. Plus, it was mastered by Brad Boatright, so you know it's going to sound good. Download or stream their releases below and if you like it, head over to their Bandcamp page and give them some $$$.

1. Sold
2. Latent
3. Mislead
4. File
5. Trending
6. Infliction
7. Allayed
8. Dredge

GEHENNA (2011)
1. Gehenna
2. Scorn
3. Lifeless
4. Antithetic
5. Anxiety
6. Checkmate
7. Perdition
8. Bloodlust
9. Mannequin
10. Condemn
11. Vain

1. Intro/Anxiety
2. Lifeless
3. Dawn Of Man
4. Blissful Ignorance
5. Heretic
6. Steelies
7. Addiction To Diction
8. I Smell Bacon
9. To An End
10. Prop Culture

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