More death and destruction from Germany. Depravation, from Gießen, formed in December 2011 and bring some of the most raw, brutal and devastating dark hardcore to your undeserving ears. The first I heard of these guys was their demo I​:​PRAEDICTVM released in June 2012. Originally intended to be pressed on vinyl, it was instead released as a cassette. The demo contained 3 tracks, with the last one serving as more of an outro. Despite the somewhat crude recording quality, you could hear something special going on here. Evil and wretched, these 2 songs of metallic hardcore left you wanting more. Limited to 50 copies and then later on CD, these have all been sold out, but you can still grab them below or at their Bandcamp page.

Thankfully they have gone on to record a full length LP, II​:​MALEDICTVM, with an imminent release. There are only 300 copies being pressed so i suggest you click the Merch link above and reserve your copy. It's also streaming on their Bandcamp page and some lower quality downloads have been floating around as well. The LP contains 7 skull-crushing songs along with a haunting Intro & Outro. The production value on this record is vastly improved over the demo, but that's not to say this is an over-produced record. It is as nasty, filthy and vile as you could ever want. Angry, pissed off vocals, walls of guitars and doom-inducing drums that will make your neck snap when the double-bass kicks in. I can't recommend them enough.

Download or stream the 2 releases below, the LP is only 128k but the band has said a higher quality download will be available later, most likely after the vinyl drops.You should be pre-ordering it anyway.

1. Intro
2. Wrath
3. Opaque
4. Filth
5. Pestilence
6. Instrumental
7. Malfuntion
8. Ruins
9. Outro

1. Wrath
2. Ruins Of Mankind

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