VOWS - S/T EP & Demo (2013)


VOWS is a hardcore punk band hailing from Long Island, NY. They have been together and writing for over a year now but just began playing shows in January of this year. You can usually tell a lot about a band by the company they keep, and since VOWS have played with bands like Trenchfoot, Old Wounds & Snakes, I wasn't too worried. But their 4-track EP that just dropped in June took me by surprise. These 4 songs are magnificently recorded and produced, full of anger, anxiety & emotion. All of the songs are fairly short with the whole thing clocking in just under 6 minutes, but there are so many perfectly executed twists and turns throughout, the songs seem longer than they are. Normally that's bad, but in this case, you want MORE. The EP has a great flow to it and when i wasn't banging my head, I was tapping my foot. The vocals have a fantastic strained, screaming urgency, and like I said, the guitars and rhythm section are completely locked in and ready to jar your brain loose. If you like what these guys are doing, share it and head over to their Bandcamp page and give them $$$ as this is a total DIY release on their part. Check out their demo too because it's on par with the EP.

FFO: Rise And Fall, Seizures, Harm's Way, Tragedy, All Pigs Must Die, or anything else on Deathwish...

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1. Look Straight, Route The Ground
2. Dryrot
3. Floorboards
4. Seats Taken... Hellbound

DEMO (2013)
1. Mainlined
2. Hanging From The Mast

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