THE DEATH OF 2014 - Compilation // Best Of...

Even though this blog completely caved in on itself this year, I thought that the least I could do was provide you with some music that I really, really dug this year. There was a shit-load of amazing releases, but for whatever reason, these 20 bands are the ones I found myself listening to the most. I put together a compilation of 1 track from each band, in alphabetical order, so nobody gets pissed off at me. Download from Bandcamp or alternatively, from Zippyshare. Links to the individual releases can be found below the player, so if you hear something you like, click those links and buy their shit. Enjoy or die.


GENRE: Powerviolence, Grindcore
FFO: D.O.C., Iron Lung, SFN

NEGLECTED are a Noisy, heavy and devotional Powerviolence band from Istanbul, Turkey. Their album concists of two tracks simply entitled "I" and "II". Each Track contains 5 short, smashing songs. Their Sets are played without brakes or talking, just straight forward and direct. The Lyrics are an extremely negative view of a fucked up world, a fucked up mind and generally about fucked up things. Really worth a listen if you want music that crushes you in an angry, violent way.

AL-KAFIR - Prozac

GENRE: Powerviolence, Noisegrind, Sludge
FFO: Water Torture, Weak-Dying, Hailnothing
D/L: Zippyshare or Bandcamp

Al-Kafir, from Richmond, VA, play destructive Bass & Drum Violence. The name of the band comes from the Arab word "Kafir" wich means "non believer" or "Godless". Worth a listen if you like pissed off and fucked up noisy music.

PRAY FOR TEETH - From The Dry Edge Of The Shore

GENRE: Post Rock, Post HC, Sludge
FFO: Cult of Luna, Light Bearer, Alaskan
D/L: Zippyshare or Bandcamp

PRAY FOR TEETH are a Doomish post HC band from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

With the intensity of their music, they can be compared with genre masters Cult of Luna, Alaskan and late Fall of Efrafa. Beautiful Post Rock.. Heavy Sludge/HC parts... Desperate shouting vocals.

In my Opinion one of the best bands of this genre. The genre mentioned on their own Bandcamp page just says: Punk. And in the spirit of Punk they put out all their records in a "Name your Price" policy.

So take a look at this highly recommendable band!

DECLIVE - Discography

GENRE: Raw Punk, Hardcorepunk
FFO: The Flex, Poison Idea, Creem, Hoax
D/L.:Declive - Discography

DECLIVE are a four piece chilean band, they played a most 80's raw punk styles in a some punks bands like Creem or The Flex way's, the spirit of punk is alive in these guys.

The sound of the band is the same garage punk bands with a violent vocalization and dynamic riffs, energetic guitars and haunting rhythmic base, bass and drums quite cohesive. They have personal lyricals, apathetics and nihilistics,

DECLIVE represents a fresh air in the local scene. Essential.

DISFYXIA - El Reino Del Terror

GENRE: Crustpunk, D-Beat, Hardcorepunk
FFO: Nausea, Extreme Noise Terror, Discharge, Anti-Cimex

Well this are a chilean band with female fronted, they sounds are amazing, some blastbeat and more raw d-beat style's.   DISFYXIA have only one a Demo called "El Reino del Terror" (Kingdom of Terror) and they talks about we don't exist on this capitalist society.

I think this band has revitalized the local scene crustpunk (Chilean), even considering that the vocalization is really well made and the intensity of his compositions are brutal...
Amazing staff band

BAPTISTS - Stream of new song "Calling"

TRAP THEM - Feedin' the Charlatan & I Hate The Kids

KNIVAD - New Songs (2014)

GENRE: Crust Punk, Metallic Hardcore
FFO: Centuries, Trap Them, Deathrite
D/LZippyshare or Bandcamp

Check out some absolutely killer new songs by Knivad from Sweden. According to the band, Knivad is Swedish for something like "stabbed in the throat by a fucking knife!". That makes sense because these songs sound like they could be the soundtrack to a knife fight in some filthy European back alley. They are fast and pissed off with a raw production that just sounds perfect. Everything else on their Bandcamp page is free as well. Download this and start a pit.

A TUMBA ABIERTA - Adelato (2014)

GENRE: Crust, Punk, Hardcore
D/L: Zippyshare or name your price on Bandcamp

I don't know anything about this band other than they are a 5-piece from Cantabria, Spain. This is a great EP though, it's only 2 songs but it's nearly 15 minutes. It's definitely worth a listen and follow.

DISFARE - Demo (2013)

GENRE: Hardcore, Punk, Powerviolence
FFO: Tragedy, Rise And Fall, Hammers
DL: Zippyshare or name your price on Bandcamp

Here's another great hardcore band from Jakarta, Indonesia that got in touch with me. They only have a 2-song demo available but it's really really solid, so you should get it and follow them, hopefully they will have more music out soon.

WARMOUTH - Demo (2014)

GENRE: Grindcore, Hardcore, Metal, Punk
FFO: Moral Void, Harrowed, Trap Them, Hatred Surge
D/L: Zippyshare or name your price on Bandcamp

If you liked what you heard in my post a few days ago about the demo from Cloudburst, you're going to want to check out Warmouth. They are a three-piece hardcore band hailing from Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Man, I don't know what the fuck is going on in Indonesia, but I like it. In addition to these two bands, you've got other good shit happening there like Avhath and Haul, and probably countless more that I don't even know about. As one of my friends put it, "Indonesians are pissed dude", he may be onto something. Warmouth only has a 2-song demo available at the moment, but it is a mandatory listen and download. Super heavy, pissed off hardcore with riffs all over the fucking place. And don't worry, they have a split album with Cloudburst that should be coming out fairly soon which is now officially my most anticipated release of the year.

CAGED GRAVE - Swallow//Unforgiven (2014)

GENRE: Powerviolence, Grindcore, Hardcore, Punk
FFO: Left For Dead, Dead In The Dirt, Trap Them, Iron Lung
D/L: Zippyshare or name your price on Bandcamp

Everything this band has put out so far has been brilliant. These 2 songs are no different. One minute and thirty seconds of perfected blast beats and grind-violence. Swallow was originally released as a digital single and Unforgiven appeared on Fast//Violence Part 2. Earlier this month the 2 songs were paired and offered on a lathe-cut 5" limited to 60 copies (obviously sold out). So, if you missed these songs the first time around, get them now.

OBLITERATIONS - "Mind Ain't Right" Official Video

WANDERER - Demo (2014)

GENRE: Melodic Dark Hardcore, Sludge, Post-Rock
FFO: Wolfenstein, Kollapse, Abest, As We Draw
D/L: Zippyshare or name your price on Bandcamp

WHITE SPOT - Terms Of Venery (2014)

GENRE: Noise Rock, Grindcore, Mathcore, Sludge
FFO: Daughters, The Chariot, The Locust, Pink and Brown
D/L: Zippyshare or name your price on Bandcamp

Another VERY impressive solo project. Who needs bandmembers? Here's a description of the band from Facebook because I'm lazy: White Spot is a Noise Rock/Experimental Metal project formed by Marcus Lemoine. He released the first full length from White Spot titled Terms of Venery. It is a combination of many genres that meld together to create a structured chaos. From Noise Rock to Grind to Sludge, it pulls together to create something new, something loud, something that will make your body go on a physiological joyride. Your heart rate will increase. Your pupils will dilate. Your body temperature will rise. Blood will redirect to your legs. Your cerebellum will become more active. Your brain will flush with dopamine and a tingly chill will whisk down your back. Or you will hate it. It’s really up to you.

V/A COMPILATION IV - Apocalypse Moderne

Killer 25-track comp from Mîsos & Ánthrôpos Records featuring Cowards, The Phantom Carriage, Death Engine, Inside Conflict, Mad At The World and obviously more. Name your price download.

ORPHAN DONOR - Empty (2013)

GENRE: Mathcore, Powerviolence, Noisegrind
FFO: Full Of Hell, Iron Lung, Robocop
D/L: Zippyshare or name your price on Bandcamp

ORPHAN DONOR is a Band from Allentown, Pennsylvania, which is dedicated to ultimate destruction! They have created a special sort of dissonant grind whilst experimenting with noise samples including trumpets and all sorts of other shit! Their release EMPTY, though, is a more skinned down release, with direct songs and sound! If you are into things that are both extreme and experimental, be sure to check out ORPHAN DONOR, this and most of their other releases are free to download on Bandcamp.

CLOUDBURST - Demo (2014)

GENRE: Blackened Metallic Hardcore, Crust, Punk
FFO: Exhaustion, Razoreater, Moral Void, Deathrite
D/LZippyshare or name your price on Bandcamp

HOLY SMOKES this is fucking good. It's a goddamned shame this is only 2 songs though. The only thing I know about this band is that they are from Yogyakarta, Indonesia. And, according to their Bandcamp bio, Cloudburst is a collection of young dudes playing metallic hardcore with chaotic attitude. This is easily one of the best demos I've heard in a long time. Super-aggressive crust-punk with a dark vibe. Killer.

HAILNOTHING - Demo (2014)

GENRE: Powerviolence, Hardcore, Grindcore, Punk
FFO: Nails, Teething, Throats, Puig Destroyer
D/LZippyshare or Free on Bandcamp

Here is a blistering, pummeling & smothering demo by newer band HailNothing, featuring members of Boxcutter Facelift and Hellbent A/D. It's 5 minutes of raw, pure grind-punk and I've been listening to it over and over and over.... Get this now.

MORPHINIST - The Euphoria Session (2014)

GENRE: Atmospheric Black Metal, Post-Hardcore
FFO: Galaktik Cancer Squad, Paramnesia, Sun Worship

Morphinist is an ambitious band out of Germany that up until 2 releases ago has been a solo project. Recently a studio bassist has been added to lessen the burden. This stuff sounds AMAZING for not having a full band, I'm blown away. Atmospheric metal isn't really my favorite thing, but this latest release is very loud and catchy with a lot more of a hardcore influence. This album was first recorded in August 2013 but never finished. One year later in August 2014 it was re-recorded to get better quality. Their stuff has always been "name your price" on Bandcamp, so earlier today this went up the same way, but the band asked for any donations possible as they need a new amp. Well, it looks like people downloaded a ton but didn't offer much money, so it's gone to €2 in order to salvage the monthly download limit. So, I normally wouldn't bring this up, but take a listen below and if you dig it, consider coughing up the €2. It's less than $3 US for over 30 minutes of music. Well worth it IMHO.


GENRE: Chaotic Hardcore, Mathcore, Punk
FFO: Every Time I Die, The Chariot, Converge, Norma Jean
D/L: Zippyshare or name your price on Bandcamp

PRETTY MOUTH - The Endless Mistake (2014)

GENRE: Experimental Grindcore, Noise, Chaotic Hardcore
FFO: Gaza, Reproacher, Great Falls
D/LZippyshare or name your price on Bandcamp

Don't miss out on the final release from Toronto's Pretty Mouth. It's a nightmare-inducing rager.

OLD WOUNDS - New Track Streaming At Pitchfork

TEETHING - Ralph (2014)

GENRE: Crust, Punk, Hardcore, Grindcore, Powerviolence
FFO: Ravage Ritual, Nails, Isolation Tank
D/L "Ralph"Zippyshare & Free on Bandcamp

The latest 7" from Spain's amazing Teething, made available as a free download by the band today.

BURDEN - Self Titled (2014)

GENRE: Crust, Anarcho-Punk, D-Beat, Noise, Hardcore
FFO: Dropdead, Crass, Doom, Wolfbrigade
D/L "Self Titled" (ZS) & Free on Bandcamp

Burden is the brainchild of Ben Wright. This one-man project started in 2008 with an intention to make harsh noise. Over the years the project has gradually changed it's sound to Crust Punk with elements of Noise. This new recording was literally just finished and here it is for you to download. Get it!


You should already have these blogs bookmarked....









HOOKED ON CHRIST - Self Titled (2014)

GENRE: Fastcore, Powerviolence, Punk
FFO: ULTRA//NEGATIVE, IRA Graves, Tinnitus
D/L "Self Titled" & Free on Bandcamp

Two man short and fast hardcore from Birmingham, UK feat. members of Fuck Right Off and Golovnin.

SEVENTYEIGHTDAYS - Discography via Abridged Pause

SeventyEightDays featured former members of Chokehold and future members of The Swarm. Heavily inspired by Drive Like Jehu, this band was basically Hot Snakes a few years before Hot Snakes existed. And everyone loves Hot Snakes, right? I found this, along with a shitload of other great Canadian treasures at the Abridged Pause blog. You can click the image above to read more about SeventyEightDays and to download their 2 releases from 1997 & 1998. You can't find their stuff anywhere so I also put their first CD on YouTube so you can check it out first if you want below. After you grab this, I HIGHLY suggest that you explore the rest of the Abridged Pause blog, ESPECIALLY their Band Retrospectives. Literally tons of behind the scenes info on legendary Candian hardcore bands like Left For Dead, Funerary, Ire, The Black Hand, Acrid and many many more.

COBRA NOIR (FKA The Black Cobra)

GENRE: Dark Hardcore, Punk, Sludge
FFO: Coliseum, Cursed, Black Ships, The Black Hand, Young And In The Way
D/L "Abode Of The Dead"
D/L "Barricades"

D/L "Road To Ruins"
D/L "Split With The Holy Mountain"
D/L "Studio 3 Live Session"

I can't mention Mi Amore and other Canadian hardcore bands without also heaping massive amounts of praise upon Quebec's COBRA NOIR. Also existing in the mid-late 2000's, this band did their part in laying the groundwork for every good hardcore band you hear today. Half of their stuff is damn near impossible to find, digitally or physically, but I managed to scrape together their 2 LP's and a few more at the links above. Their first LP, Abode Of The Dead (2005), is about as close in feel and tone to Cursed as you are going to find in a record. You should be downloading this shit at this point. Their next LP, Barricades (2006), seems almost purposefully under-produced in comparison, but for any fan of Coliseum or Heartless, this is a joy to hear. Listening to these records today, they are still completely and absolutely relevant. It's hard to believe they were recorded almost a decade ago. And if you happen to have MP3's of their Demonstration, Self-Titled or Last Days split 7", please let us know.

NORRBRAND - Self Titled (2014)

GENRE: Black Metal, Death Metal, Crust
FFO: Depravation, Klandestyn, Bloodrain
D/L "Self Titled" (ZS)

Norrbrand was formed in the spring of 2014 in Saint Petersburg, Russia by members of black metal band Nebelwerfer. This first demo was recorded in the summer of 2014. 

WISENT - Total Liberation (2014) [REVIEW/STREAMING]

GENRE: Black Metal, Ambient, Microtonal, Experimental
FFO: Wolves In The Throne Room, Murmuüre, Urfaust

Named after the endangered Buffalo race which used to live in central europe, WISENT sets a clear aim with their release "Total Liberation": Total Animal Liberation. The band self describes the meaning of this liberation as they see it this way:
"Total Liberation means recognizing that all oppression is connected, and it means a commitment to resisting this oppression in all its forms. "
As for their music, they chose a form of ambient black metal with electronic elements which melts to a strongly atmospheric soundscape. Inspirated by the horrors men brought upon animals and nature in general, their agonized dark sound creates visions of the unbearable guilt of mankind. Wisent stands for Green minded activism, clutching to the rest of hope for a better world, for Men and Animals alike.

ATOMÇK - Whitewashed (2014)

GENRE: Grindcore, Hardcore, Sludge
FFO: Exhaustion, Throats, Sick/Tired
D/L "Whitwashed" (ZS)

There are times when I can't stand listening to this because of the shrill, screeching vocals. But then I start reading about them and I start seeing phrases like "PROPER GRINDCORE", "EP OF NOISY RACKET", "NO GODS NO MANAGERS" and "ALL MUSIC IS RUBBISH" strewn about their band pages and I start to like them more. They've been around for a long time (2006) and have put out a lot of stuff, all of which you can grab for free on Bandcamp. Check them out if you like what  you hear below.

I.WITNESS - Youth (2014)

GENRE: Melodic Hardcore, Emocore, Punk, Screamo
FFO: Have Heart, Jungbluth, Warborn
D/L "Youth" (ZS)

I.Witness is a band from Barnaul (Altai District), Russia, playing a downtuned blend of fast and furious parts of hardcore of the 2000's mixed with 1990-s noir emo harmonies. Their Bandcamp page states that this release, "Youth", is intended to be listened to as a whole rather than on a track-by-track basis. Also, all of their previous releases are free to download on Bandcamp as well, so that's nice.

ALARIDOS - Discography (2013-2014)

GENRE: Crust, Mincecore, Grind Punk
FFO: Agathocles, Drudge, Malignant Tumour, etc.
D/L (Free on Bandcamp)

Old, Dirty and well executed (really good played) crust punk us back to the most ancient sounds of the genre. Something like a hybrid between the old Napalm Death and  Agathocles Mincecore's masters, compositions made ​​the old way (3 or 4 notes in 2 cuts) that highlight a clear influence of the Belgians. Band lyrics speak of timeless social and personal topics, distress the siege of day to reach the end anxiety and despair for a future denied.

Alaridos playing a first record called "Ciudad Paranoia" (Paranoic City) with a primitive sounds, i think in the crustpunk oldschool way, this year they surprise us with a recording 3 tracks to stumble and create the need for more.

Good buzz and excellent drug!!!

WEAK/DYING - Cosmetic Surgery (2014)

GENRE: Noisegrind, Blackened Grind, Powerviolence
FFO: Full Of Hell, Robocop, Iron Lung
D/L "Cosmetic Surgery"

DISTORTION, DISPAIRE, DESPERATION. Weak/Dying from Denver, CO brings all this to your pitiful mind! Their digital album "Cosmetic Surgery" contains 5 tracks which just bash your brains out of your skull with both black metal and powerviolence elements! An exciting music variation which shows that there are always limits to push and borders to overgo! Get this nasty piece of noise on their Bandcamp page for free!


GENRE: Hardcore, Punk, Rock N' Roll
FFO: Cursed, Burning Love, Homestretch, Eating Glass
"Hazy Skies Over Martha's Vineyard" + Studio 3 Session

Vatican Chainsaw Massacre is another band with strong ties to Burning Love. They were a heavy punk/hardcore band from Hamilton, Ontario that started out as a three-piece drum/bass punk band. They eventually incorporated a guitarist into their line-up, and in 2008, they released their full-length LP, “Hazy Skies Over Martha’s Vineyard”. The band featured members of Our Father and some members are currently playing in Burning Love and Nice Head. They also recorded a live studio session on January 18th, 2009 for the Equalizing-X-Distort show on CIUT 89.5FM in Studio 3.

Download links for the LP and Live Session are above or you can stream some stuff below:

Vatican Chainsaw Massacre, Equalizing-X-Distort, CIUT 89.5FM, Studio 3


A lot of people have been asking what happened to the Blackened Vortice blog. Unlike The Elementary Revolt, Blackened Vortice was simply deleted. Well, through the magic of the internet, I may have found some answers for you, screengrabs below. Thanks for the blog while it lasted guys.


METHMOUTH - Split w/Tragic Film (2014)

GENRE: Hardcore, Powerviolence, Punk, Fastcore
FFO: Coke Bust, Barge, Shit Luck, Sea Of Shit, Vaccine
D/L: Split w/Tragic Film"

METHMOUTH is a pissed off powerviolence band from the south east coast of Florida. They play in the vein of the classic bands such as Spazz, No comment, Neanderthal and Capitalist Casualties. This is their newest release, a split cassette with Tragic Film, a powerviolence band from Japan. METHMOUTH is a 100% D.I.Y. band and all of their digital downloads are free, which is always fucking rad. Their previous releases are just as insane as this one so grab them if you don't have them already, and if you can, support the band by grabbing the cassette for just $2.50 from them directly.

FAILGIVER - Self Titled (2014)

GENRE: Chaotic Dark Hardcore, Punk
FFO: Botch, Converge, Gaza
D/L "Self Titled"

HUMAN SLAUGHTER - Beaten To Death (2014)

GENRE: Metallic Hardcore, Chaotic Hardcore, Sludge, Metalcore
FFO: Behemoth, Ringworm, Marduk, Tragedy
D/L "Beaten To Death"

LESSER ANIMAL - Demo (2014)

GENRE: Chaotic Hardcore, Grindcore, Metal
FFO: Puig Destroyer, Tinnitus, Full Of Hell
D/L "Demo"

CULT SONGS Vol. 2 (2014) [V/A]

80 (!?!!) songs have been crammed onto Vol. 2 of the Cult Songs mixtape series compiled by The Death Of A Modernist. It features bands you probably know like Daggers, Direwolves, Disabler, Monoliths and Teethgrinder... but chances are you'll find other stuff you will dig too. As always, its free!

LOVECHILD - Migraine Music (2014) [STREAMING]

TROMBLON - Self Titled (2014)

GENRE: Melodic Chaotic Hardcore, Punk, Screamo
FFO: Seizures, Our Mothers Sons, The Rodeo Idiot Engine, Coilguns, Alpinist
D/L "Self Titled"

I don't know a damn thing about this new, French band, but I am really digging this EP!

TRACES - Self Titled (2014)

GENRE: Instrumental, Emo, Punk, Post-Hardcore
FFO: Pelican, Cave In, Giganto
D/L "Self Titled"

ABSDED - Self Titled (2014)

GENRE: Metalcore, Hardcore, Punk
FFO: Blackest, Ancst, Plebeian Grandstand, Eternal Sleep
D/L "Self Titled"

HULDRA - Pulling Us Down (2014)

GENRE: Black Metal, Doom, Grindcore
FFO: Pyrrhon, Meth Drinker, Mutilation Rites
D/L "Pulling Us Down"

ALRIGHT - Demo (2014)

GENRE: Thrash, Metal, Hardcore, Punk
FFO: Death Before Dishonor, Iron Reagan, Black Breath
D/L - Free On Bandcamp