BLACK SHIPS - Discography (2007-2009)


Black Ships were a nasty, dirty, HEAVY 3-piece hardcore band from Montreal. To be honest I don't know a ton about them. Their Facebook & Myspace pages offer virtually no info. I know they put out a demo in 2007, then a 7" and then they broke up after releasing an LP in 2009. I do know they played a bunch of shows with Cursed. I know that some or all of them played in the metal band Barn Burner. And, the only other thing I know about them is that they fucking rule and you need to listen to them. Now.

For fans of Heartless, Cursed, Coliseum, Hierophant, Furnace, The Holy Mountain etc...

OMENS LP (2008)
1. No Eulogy
2. The Flaws In Self Help
3. Ars Moriendi
4. When All Else Fails
5. Pestilence
6. The End
7. Liars Are A Dying Breed
8. Victims

LOW 7" (2008)
1. These Nights In These Places
2. Expropriation
3. Iron Lung, Heart of Gold
4. Lowest Of The Low

DEMO CDr (2007)
1. This Is Hell
2. Swallowing Shit
3. Expropriation
4. If These Are The Times To Look Back Upon
5. Affliction
6. This Is The Sequel

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Cut and Paste said...

Soooo fucking good. I'm insanely happy to see these dudes on your baddass blog! Keep it up bro! Awesome posts!