WORSE - Self Titled (2014)

GENRE: Hardcore, Powerviolence, Punk, Metal
FFO: WVRM, Siberian Hell Sounds, Deathrite, Water Torture
D/L "Self Titled"

This is a hell of a way to close out the month, one of the best debuts I've heard in quite a long time!!

BESTIA - Demo (2014)

GENRE: Hardcore, Metal, Death N' Roll
FFO: Entombed, Cursed, Black Breath
D/L "Demo"

DAKHMA - Ungeziefer (2014)

GENRE: Grindcore, Hardcore, Powerviolence
FFO: Nails, Bastard Deceiver, Shitstorm, IRA Graves
D/L "Ungeziefer"

Not to be confused with Dakhma from Grand Rapids, Michigan, this band is a 2-piece from San Francisco.

FALSE PUNK - Kick Rocks (2014)

GENRE: Punk, Hardcore
FFO: OFF!, Obliterations, Huffin' Paint, Ruined Families
D/L " Kick Rocks"

SFC - Demo & 3 New Songs (2014)

GENRE: Metal, Grindcore, Doom, Crust
FFO: Ruinas, Eaten Raw, Misery
D/L "Demo"
D/L "3 New Songs"

CREVASSE - Self Titled (2014)

GENRE: Punk, Post-Hardcore, Powerviolence
FFO: Jungbluth, Finisterre, Sand Creek Massacre, Alpinist
D/L "Self Titled"

Politically influenced stuff from a new band out of Nijmegen and Köln, around the Dutch-German border.


Hey everyone, made some changes around the site, so here they are...

- You can now find the blog at www.deadpulpit.com
- You can now follow us on Twitter at twitter.com/DeadPulpit
- Did an overall graphic cleanup of the site, added a new navigation menu up top. Hopefully things make more sense now and are easier on the eyes.
- Bear with me as the posting formats continue to change, I'm trying to figure out what I like the best. Any feedback, feel free to comment. Thanks  ~ADAM

DISABLER - Aggressive Negativity (2014)

GENRE: Punk, Hardcore, Crust, Grind
FFO: Ken Mode, Homewrecker, Harms Way, Goldust
D/L "Aggressive Negativity"

QUIET MAN - Bleak Wave (2014)

GENRE: Crust, Hardcore, Punk, D-Beat
FFO: Alpinist, Baptists, Harrowed, Trap Them
D/L "Bleak Wave"

Fantastic tunes here from a fairly new 3-piece out of Plymouth, UK. Can't wait to hear more from them.

LIFE EXPOSED - Grim Existence (2014)

GENRE: Crust, Doom, Hardcore, Punk
FFO: Negative Standards, Black Ships, Heartless
D/L "Grim Existence"

Check out Life Exposed on tour right now and support them by picking up this HEAVY cassette release.

Tour Dates:
8/31 Omaha, NE - West Wing
9/1 Laramie, WY - Baby Hospice
9/2Denver, CO - Bar Bar
9/3 Las Cruces, NM - The Train Yard
9/4 Dallas, TX - Taqueria Chicken-itza
9/5 Tulsa, OK - White Flag
9/6 Little Rock, AR - MF Metal
9/7 Louisville, KY - Nelligan Hall
9/8 Peoria, IL - House Show

LEFT ASTRAY - Don't Look For Me (2014)

GENRE: Hardcore, Punk, Screamo, Crust
FFO: Ruptures, Apathean, Desperate Living
D/L "Don't Look For Me"

KVLTYST - Zweifel (2014)

GENRE: Black Metal, Hardcore, Punk
FFO: Depravation, Kratzer, Kvazar, Khan
D/L "Zweifel"

CHEAP DISGUISE - Demo (2014)

GENRE: Metal, Hardcore, Powerviolence, Sludge
FFO: Hatred Surge, Nails, His Hero is Gone
D/L "Demo"

4-piece powerviolence band from El Paso, TX. New demo coming soon, here is the one from earlier this year.

MAN HANDS - Jockeykiller (2012)

GENRE: Punk, Fast Hardcore, Thrash, Powerviolence
FFO: Sick/Tired, JohnXMcClane, Throats
D/L "Jockeykiller"

Man Hands are a fast hardcore band with no bass player but plenty of riffs from Canterbury, London. These songs were originally recorded at Atlas Studios by Dwayne Farrow in December 2012 but just released now. They were intended for a split with I Like Bugs, but they weren't really happy with how they turned out. The songs will be re-recorded by the band later this year.

EXITS - Self Titled (2014)

GENRE: Metallic Hardcore Punk
FFO: Converge, Every Time I Die, Norma Jean. The Chariot
D/L "Self Titled"

EASY LOVER - Self Titled

ORIGIN: Berlin, Germany 
GENRE: Screamo, Neocrust, Hardcore
LINKSFacebook - Bandcamp
FFOEkkaia, Young And In The Way, Alpinist...
PURCHASE: name your price @ Bandcamp
D/L: Zippyshare & Bandcamp below

Easy Lover brings a fresh breeze into Berlin`s hardcore scene. They manage to make their music emotional and melancholic and heavy and direct at the same time. Slow and fast parts variate and create a powerful music experience. With their honest and direct lyrics and the scraping, harsh vocals they transport lots of energy and emotion! Certainly worth a listen if you are into harsh, crust-ish screamo/HC.

ANOPHELI - A Hunger Rarely Sated

ORIGIN: Oakland, CA, USA via London, England 
GENRE: Neocrust, Doom  FORMAT: LP
LINKS: Bandcamp - Facebook
FFO: Fall of Efrafa, Light Bearer, Momentum, Carnist, Eleleth
PURCHASE: Doomrock (UK) & Bandcamp
D/L: Zippyshare & Bandcamp below

Anopheli combines elements of doom and neo/emo crust and even manages to involve a Cello into their music, which gives a very extraordinary sound and atmosphere to their first record. Lyrically their songs are about measure, nature and also about the history of native americans and their suppression.

What may be interesting for some: Anopheli has a rather prominent band member as vocalist... Alex CF who is/was the conceptional mastermind behind FALL OF EFRAFA, LIGHT BEARER, MOMENTUM... etc. Alex gave this band his very own touch with his vocals of course, but also with his stunning artworks and his extremely poetic lyrics. Alex himself stated that his music should hit the taste of "...fans of Remains of the day, Daymare, Madame Germen and Ekkaia!"


ORIGIN: London, UK    FORMAT: 7"
GENRE: hardcore punk, powerviolence, sludge, crust
LINKS:  AOBW - Facebook / Bandcamp    ISO TNK - Facebook / Bandcamp
FFO: Harrowed, Deathseekers, Funeral Chic, Black Ships, Throats
D/L: Zippyshare & Bandcamp below

I've written about Isolation Tank before, I loved their demo. Thankfully they are still on the same path of noisy destruction. This time it's a split with Art Of Burning Water, an equally caustic outfit also from London. Unlike Isolation Tank, Art Of Burning Water has been around for a while now, but this stuff they are putting out now is just as relevant as it was when they started. They have a ton of releases available for free download on their Bandcamp page. When combined, these bands create a pummeling crust-fest of a 7", highly recommended.



Liam from Germany started of as a one-man project in 2007 by M. Siegenhort. The aim of this project was from the beginning to play atmospheric Post-Rock and Shoegaze. He recorded the two first EPs „My journey to the sky“ and „Two years and a fragment“ within less than one year.

Due to M. Siegenhort`s wish to also perform his music live, he searched for bandmembers to create a live-set. He found J. Wulfheide, L. Jahns and C. Holler. But instead of rehearsing the existing material, they composed new songs... What came out of this new combination of musicians where 8 tracks wich formed their Album MMIX. What happened than was the natural way of Life. The four guys finished school and moved into different city`s...

Their music, never being actually finished, lay bare for three years. Than the band decided to put the recorded music online for free. Rumors of a pressing of the Record to finally become a Vinyl Edition started in 2013, but where not realized so far. M. Siegenhort later started the band Lantlôs, a extremely important band of the Post-black metal genre. Later he ones more came together with his former band colleagues J. Wulfheide and C. Holler., this time to create a live set for Lantlôs. 

Though Liam is not a active band anymore, their only release "MMIX" is highly recommendable for those who love Epic, melancholic, beautiful Shoegaze and Post-Rock, with metallic influences. 

Special music for fans of: ALCEST, LANTLÔS, YEAR OF NO LIGHT...

Name your price download from Bandcamp:


Well, this sure ruined my fucking day. For reasons unknown (to me), the legendary Elementary Revolt has closed it's doors for good. All posts have been deleted. I'm blown away. The site had an amazing run, starting way back in 2006, and was definitely the inspiration for this blog you are reading now. I can't even begin to tell you how many cool bands I have stumbled across there. Everyone that contributed there was super cool and I am truly sad to see it go. Chris, a regular writer there, has his own blog going called Manic Compression, so at least we have that refuge to turn to. 

And, as death usually does to people, I have a renewed spirit to try to make this blog 1/100th as cool as The ER was. I will try my best to post more, and I believe Krustie from the ER will start posting here as well. I can't tell you how excited I am to have him on board, even though it is bittersweet. 

So, before you curl up in a fetal position, stop by The Elementary Revolt one last time and pay your respects.



In the words of their label... Water Torture's long awaited first LP crushes all those foolish enough to stand in it's path. Low end grinding despair and cavernous noise collage fuse together in the Rustbelt collective's unique twist on grindviolence. Branching out from their previous work, down tempo sludge is juxtaposed with intense blasting and solemn interludes of mechanical noise. Feedback drenched hymns of self loathing in a desolate, futile existence. Download below from Bandcamp and buy the record!



KILLER Norwegian hardcore punk! This is their side of a split 7" with Mørkt Kapittel. They also put out an LP earlier this year, and it's just as good. Free downloads for both below and you can buy both records HERE.

UPDATE: The Mørkt Kapittel side of the split is now available also.



Amazing sounding grindcore/death metal from New Jersey. Too bad this demo is only 2 songs.



Insane, caustic, grinding powerviolence from Hamilton, Ontario, featuring members of Kennel Cough, Not, Street Creeps, and Web Society. Grab their new tape for free on Bandcamp.



3-Piece crust/punk/thrash from Fort Worth, TX

COFFIN BIRTH - Necrotic Liquefaction


Coffin Birth are a 3-piece grindcore band from Brisbane, Australia, whose roots are firmly planted in early UK grindcore but also hint at early US death metal. Their newest recording is up for free on Bandcamp.



Crust/anarchoi/rawpunk-band from Örebro, Sweden.

POWERTOOL - This Is Not A Dril


Hardcore-punk-rock from Malmö, Sweden.



Ancst is a blackened crust/noise project started in 2011 in Berlin, Germany. This project of several band members from Berlin-based bands (Henry Fonda, Afterlife Kids...) started of as a studio band which released a string of cassette only EP`s and splits in 2012.

Some of their releases have a purely ambient/noise/soundscape, while others are brutal black metal with crust and grind influences... sometimes even some post punk-ish parts.

In 2014 the band teamed up with the DIY collectives Vendetta, Wooaaargh, Halo of Flies and Yehonala Tapes and released their first 2 LP`s and also managed to create their first Life set. If you are into fast, dark and atmospheric music with a DIY/HC attitude you should definately check out ANCST!

WORMS FEED - Self Titled LP Pre-Order


If you didn't know, this recording by Worms Feed is one of my favorite things that has happened in the last couple of years. I still listen to it almost weekly. The band is dead but not fully decomposed as thankfully, this is getting a proper vinyl release on Skin & Bones Records.  There are only 300 LP's being pressed and pre-orders are limited to 50 copies of the record with a Worms Feed logo tote bag and a patch. The pre-orders are almost gone so act fast. Free download below also.

BAD FAITH - Self Titled


Formerly known as Cop Torture, BAD FAITH has dropped an atomic bomb of old school hardcore in the form of their self titled cassette. All I need to say about this release is that it sounds like a nastier version of Left For Dead. So yeah, not sure what else needs to be said.

- download (ZS) -
1. Fighting Words
2. Scum
3. No Rope
4. Back home
5. Elder
6. Nerver
7. War Hero
8. The Nozick Experiment
9. No Exit
10. Cold Inside
11. Pile