Chicago's Moral Void is in my top 3 current bands at the moment. Ever since I heard the first note from the first song they made available, I was completely hooked. Their vinyl releases are finally starting to roll off the presses and after a long wait, I received their VOL. I 7" in the mail today. First off, the packaging is beautiful. Nice monochromatic cover with full lyrics, complete with a patch and a sticker. There are only 2 songs on this record but they both clock in at nearly 4 minutes each. The songs are flawless. The A-side, "Breach", starts off with a tense 25 second drum-roll before launching into a crust-laden hardcore attack of d-beat drums, scorched vocals and incendiary guitars. At the 1-minute mark, the beat slows and gets HEAVY before another drum-fill takes you into some of the most infectious, head-banging hardcore rhythm you'll ever hear. The song eventually slows again for the remainder of the time and haunting guitar strumming ends the song. Flip over to the B-Side, "Wolves", and for the first 2 minutes you'll get nothing but riffs and blast beats all over the place. The last 2 minutes of the song take on a more dream-like droning hardcore sound before fading out with a similar ending as the A-side. I've listened to this record at least 10 times today and I didn't stop banging my head and tapping my feet for one second. It goes without saying that you should pick this record up at any cost.

They will have 2 more songs coming out very soon on a split 7" on Headfirst! Records with Young And In The Way, who just recently signed with Deathwish. I would be shocked if Moral Void isn't signed soon somewhere as well as I think they easily stand their ground with any other band on Deathwish or Southern Lord. Also, if 4 songs aren't enough for you, the VOL. II 7" will be released later this year featuring 2 more tracks. It still won't be enough though. I won't be satisfied until I get a full-length. Keep track of the band at the links above if you're interested in seeing them or pre-ordering their records.

FFO: Cursed, Young And In The Way, End Reign, Trap Them, Hierophant, Alpinist, Centuries etc...

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