John Rivera, who runs Headfirst Records, recently fell ill with pneumonia and is currently in the ICU. Headfirst is an incredible hardcore label out of Greensboro, NC that has put out records by Young And In The Way, Torch Runner, Moral Void, False Light, Hollow Tongue, etc etc. John is an extremely cool dude & I've bought many records from him in the past. He always finds time to email back and is always happy to chat. I even found out that he used to hang out here in my hometown when he lived in KY for a bit. Anyway, we all know hospital bills are a bitch, so help a brother out and check out Headfirst Records.



Bringing you another killer band from Perth, Australia today. Flesh Police put out this demo back in April of 2013 but somehow I missed it. Shame on me. You might have caught it at Cut & Paste or Operation Grindcore, but if not, you're in luck because this is something you should definitely have. This is a huge demo with 14 tracks of smothering grindcore & powerviolence. The first two bands that come to mind as I listen to this demo are Heartless & Negative Standards. If you know those bands, then you should know what to expect from Flesh Police. You can also download a live recording over at Reel Muzak and keep an eye out for a new split cassette with Melbourne's Split Teeth in the next couple of months.

- download -
tapes available from
1. Sanctity
2. Down
3. Raw Male Power
4. Ignorant
5. Severance
6. Submission
7. Consequence
8. Arrival
9. Honesty
10. Parasite
11. Hour Of The Goat
12. Old Rope
13. Respite
14. Failure



People Problem is a 4-piece from Perth, Australia that have been around for about a year, but have managed to fly under the radar, as far as I can tell, although I have no clue what the scene is like in Perth. Either way, I guarantee they are under-appreciated, because this band fucking rules. They have put out a demo, a 7" and a soon-to-be-released cassette. Every damn second of every song is gold, no filler. The riff-filled production is absolutely perfect, even on the demo. I don't even want to write any more, you just need to download everything here and buy all their shit. Fans of The Swarm, Trap Them, Dead In The Dirt, Caged Grave, Dropdead & Sick/Tired are going to eat this up.

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to be released on Helta Skelta Records soon, ltd. to 100 copies
1. Royal Miscarriage
2. Depressus Fossor
3. Bleech Thrill
4. Gag
5. Maim Me
6. Drone Lag

1. Maximum Perversion
2. Gay Panic
3. Don't Fuk Me
4. Broken English
5. Red Spot
6. Nudes 4 Demo Tape
7. Man The Knife
8. Grated

1. Stuck
2. Chemically Unbalanced
3. Perpetual Nightmare
4. Proud Men
5. Mind Eruption
6. Pllaged
7. Illustrious

DERVISH - Dominion


Dervish is a newer 4-piece band from Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. They just released their side of a split cassette with Two Crosses (a similar band sharing some members), and will be going on a small tour with them as well. The tapes will be exclusive to the tour, with possible online distro later. The Two Crosses side of the split should be popping up on their Bandcamp page soon though. 

As for Dervish's side, 'Dominion' will terrify you with haunting samples & atmospheric creepiness strewn across the 9 tracks, and just when you think it's safe, you'll get steamrolled by some of the most violent, chaotic hardcore I've heard from a debut in quite some time. Blistering production, blast beats, breakdowns, riffs to break your neck & some vile, menacing vocals are what you'll find here. Everything is woven together masterfully and it's all over far too quick. Any fan of Sick/Tired, Deathseekers, Rot In Hell, Razoreater or Iced Out is going to fucking love this. Can't wait to hear more from them.

- download -
1. Self-Inflicted
2. Dominion
3. Hidden World
4. Servitude
5. Ghosts
6. Control
7. Languish
8. Disconnect
9. Loss


                       FURTIVE FOREST    ☼    FACEBOOK    BANDCAMP    TUMBLR

Stand der Dinge & Furtive Forest are a couple of hardcore bands that put out a split LP way back in 2012 and have now decided to share it with the rest of the world. Both of these bands are new to me so I'm hoping they'll be new to you as well. Stand der Dinge is from Gießen, Germany and remind me of Planks, Patsy O'Hara & Jungbluth. And yes, I realize those are all German bands, there must be something in the water there. Meanwhile, Furtive Forest hail from Novi Sad, Serbia and will be enjoyed by fans of Pangea, Throwers & Vuyvr. 

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Stand Der Dinge
1. Nichts Gelernt
2. Schon Wieder 
3. Die Richtigen Fragen
4. Kein Ende In Sicht

Furtive Forest
5. 7th Frog
6. Lies Must Be Challenged
7. Ignorance Sickness
8. Silver Mirror
9. Dear Friend



in·dig·nant adjective 1. Feeling or showing anger or annoyance at what is perceived as unfair treatment.

This is a 1-man project by a dude named Taylor. He played and recorded everything here at various times at shitty practice spaces and bedrooms. The band's name is the most definitive part of the music's theme as all of the lyrics are about being against oppressors and "power". There are 8 songs here, almost all of them under a minute long, like any good powerviolence should be, and are mostly influenced by bands like Nails & Iron Lung. This definitely has a 'demo' feel to it, but it's impressive to hear what one guy can do by himself and i'm genuinely jealous because I myself have a ton of songs written but I don't have the time or knowledge to pull this off. And if you're interested, there should be cassettes available within the next month on Bandcamp.

- download -
1. Loathe
2. Hopeless
3. Discord
4. Greed
5. Roped In
6. SS
7. Control
8. Rot



This seriously fucking bummed me out today. That fucking goat that was more into grindcore than you has made the sad voyage to Valhalla. Made famous in 2011 by being pictured thoroughly enjoying a set by Wormrot on a farm, Biquette was actually a fan of all grindcore according to the farm owner:

When did you first notice she enjoyed attending the shows?
While she was here, she always loved concerts, settings with lots of people. As soon as there was someone she had never seen, she stuck up against them for an hour! And when there were lots of people, it was above all a chance to go steal a little tobacco or something else that was lying around! 
Were there any bands or music she particularly liked?
I remember that during Panzer Cardinal (a band from Toulouse) she spent the entire set at the bassist's feet (who, by the way, was hallucinating a bit). She was most connected to grind (it seems weird to talk like this about a biquette but nevertheless it's true!!!). Seeing as the barn floor where we throw the concerts is wooden, I think that she felt the vibrations in her hooves. The majority of the time she even laid down next to the speakers.

Visit METALINJECTION and METALINSIDER to read more & also stop by Biquette's Facebook page!

TIGHT TO THE NAIL - Winter Offensive 2014 [V/A]



DEADENDS is a fast, filthy & heavy 4-piece from Kingston, NY. The demo cover art of Richard "Iceman" Kuklinski is a fitting warning to the barrage of powerviolence that you are about to hear as these three aptly named songs will crush you with metallic, hardcore doom/sludge. Featuring members of Nautilus and Okosu, the band gets their influences from DropDead, Fucking Invincible, Full of Hell, Aborted, False Light & Sea of Shit. Why are you still reading this. You should be downloading this right now.

- download -
1. Blacklung
2. Tooth Spitter
3. Consume



Willing Victim is a sort of 3-piece "mystery band" from the Niagara Region of Ontario, Canada. That's pretty much all you're going to find out about this band until they decide to tell us more. I've been listening to their demo all night and holy smokes this is good. Well, not just good. It's pretty goddamned amazing for a demo. It's clear that this band has paid good attention to their Canadian hardcore history, because they sound like a slightly less refined version of Left For Dead, Cursed & The Swarm, all rolled into one band. So, it goes without saying that I LOVE this demo and am seriously eager to see what they come up with next. So good.

- download -
1. Strength Through Pain
2. Cannibal
3. Burnt Out
4. Willing Victim
5. It's The Limit

EL HAMBRE - Self Titled


El Hambre (The Hunger in english) is a grind n' roll band (yeah I may have just made that up) from Valencia, Spain. Once again, I don't really know much about this band, not much info on Facebook. But I can tell you that these 5 songs they put on Bandcamp are fucking great! Amazing production, tons of blast beats but also tons of riffs. They REALLY remind of the UK band Throats, and that my friends is a good thing. Definitely grab this!

- download -
1. Desmembrado
2. Confundes Bien Con Mal
3. Valkiria
4. Cristo Mal
5. Mandibulas De Metal



This band is obsessed with shit. But you know what they say about Germans. But seriously though, Bluntshit has a pretty damn good demo on their hands. It combines most of the things you should expect from bands on this blog: punk, crust & hardcore, all with that killer German crust production that so many bands from there have. They are from Berlin, but I don't know much else about them, the Facebook translation to English didn't help much. But who cares, listen and enjoy.

- download -
1. 60€
4. Alle Schockiert, Nichts Passiert
5. Halt Die Fresse!
6. Revenge Of Stench
7. VDH
8. PitShit



Miserable Failure brings the metallic, punk/crust you crave. Hailing from Lille, France, the band was born out of a common interest in grindcore & punk between friends, one of which happens to run the label (Kaotoxin) that this digital EP is released through. For fans of Dead In The Dirt etc... Here's a description from the label:
"The brand new MISERABLE FAILURE EP, for FREE, (yes, free, like 0.00 €). After the 2013 "Miserable Fucking Society" split CD with Infected Society and F Stands For Fuck You, four brand new tracks of Grindcore failure by a miserable band from France's stinkhole. Life sucks, and then you die (but meanwhile, there's Miserable Failure!)."
- download
1. The Blueprints Of Self-Disgust
2. One More Reason To Set This World On Fire
3. Goodbye & Good Riddance
4. This World Ain't Mine

MOLD - Demo


Mold is a newer grinding powerviolence trio from Atlanta, GA. Featuring members from the equally brutal, but now defunct Native Graves, Mold is here to smother you with 6 songs of churning, blistering hardcore. For comparisons, think of bands like XFilesX, Extortion & Slave. This 6-song demo will be put on cassette and will be available at their 1/20/2014 show, if you are in the area. I've got a good feeling about this band.

- download -
1. Lord
2. Blank
3. Burnt Out
4. Dissimulation
5. Feed
6. Overdose

SANGUS LEGIONARIS - Vengeful Brutality + Demos

Sangus Legio is a 5-piece, misanthropic black/thrash/crust band from Providence, RI featuring members of Paindriver, Haxen, Sin of Angels, Nachzehrer & I, Destroyer. Their influences include Sarcofago, Impaled Nazarene, Nifelheim, Driller Killer, Gauze & Kuro. In May of 2013 they put out a demo cassette limited to 200 copies titled 'Vengeful Brutality'. This is pretty much a perfect name for this release. It's just mean and punishing as hell and very well executed. They also recently put up some rehearsal demos on their Bandcamp page, and while they aren't as polished (obviously), it's definitely in the same vein.

- download - band submission -
1. Bone Collector
2. Gaspipe
3. Si Brucera

1. Blood Legions
2. Leeching Pigs
3. Strega
4. Genocidio



Australia's Siberian Hell Sounds had one of my favorite releases of 2013. Their self-titled EP from September blew me away, and I've been waiting on the edge of my seat ever since I heard they would have another EP coming just a few months later. That day has arrived and you can now grab The PCP EP below or at their Bandcamp page. It's a bit doom-ier than the last release as it was mainly influenced by bands like Mammoth Grinder and Seven Sisters of Sleep, but the production is amazing and the new songs are still ferocious, interesting and full of riffs. Get it NOW.

- download -
1. Ingest...
2. Self Mutilation
3. Charges Of Torture
4. Aggravated Mayhem
5. ...Comedown



LOWLIFE was a ¾-Female hardcore/crust/d-beat band from St. Johns, Newfoundland & Labrador. Unfortunately, they are no longer together, but have at least decided to unleash their whirlwind of a demo on the public. This demo is rough at times and only 4 songs, but it's 6½ minutes of filthy, furious hardcore with snarling vocals that seem to be living just under your speaker cone, dying to claw their way out. This was supposed to be released as a cassette split with another Newfoundland band called Coke Drip, but that fell though.

This really reminds me of the recent Exhaustion demo and also of Ira Graves.

- download -
1. Not Friends
2. Too Small
3. Discrone
4. Mind Pollution

DEADPRESSURE - O.G.Demo + Dead Side Story Vol I


DEADPRESSURE is a trio of homies from San Jose, CA that formed in Feb. 2012. They play a mind-crushing brand of brutal powerviolence that smothers you from the start and never lets up. For fans of Heartless, Dead In The Dirt, Hatred Surge & Full Of Hell.

From the label:
"Utterly crushing hardcore/powerviolence/grind from San Jose. For those not familiar with the work of DEADPRESSURE, you're fucking up. They've been holding the bay area down for the past year with an iron fisted supremacy that few bands can even touch. If you like fast hardcore and carry a fucking knife, If you just like fast ugly hardcore, or even if you just like to fucking carry a knife, this is for you. Thick and dirty bass, fucking buzzsaw guitars, from the blast beats to the tom work, it's all on fucking lock. Heinously to the point and heavy as fuck. "DEAD SIDE STORY VOL. I" is the debut vinyl release from these south bay beasts. With a sense of originality commonly unseen in contemporary acts bitching about the powerviolence. Consistently bringing the heat, No slack in their mack, ya'll should just get down, or lay down. Real shit for real folks."

- download -
1.  Pentagram Pizza
2. Read These Nikes
3. Osama's Surprise Party
4. Frogball
5. Lisoexia
6. I Wrote This Shit
7. Pantscrapper

1. You Call Yourself A Man?
2. Don't Like
3. The Core
4. Fingerhat
5. Governation
6. Patterns
7. Facepplant
8. Bath Salts
9. Hardcore Dance, I Dare You
10. Built To Be Torn Down

SRMNS - Demo I


Here's a raw-as-fuck demo from SRMNS. For fans of Obliterations, Angry Samoans & Circle Jerks

From the label:
"Hardcore punk, to the fucking point, teetering on an early PowerViolence sound at times. This is North Bay's SRMNS first demo, and it's a fucking stomper. Stripped down to the fucking basics, just hardcore punk played right, fast, and jammed down your god damn face. If you want to know more, buy a fucking tape."

- download
1. Against My Will
2. Wisdom
3. You Are My Disease
4. Never Knowing
5. On The Rise/Will Won't Break


Sorry for the lack of posts lately, I got really burned out towards the end of the year and have been a big lazy piece of shit since basically Christmas. But I'm trying to make an effort here and I'll at least share some of the work that other people have done. Check out the good shit below.