CURSED - The Rest (2013)


I just found out about this LP tonight as these pictures came rolling in to my phone from my good friend Jer, who knows how much of a man-crush I have on Chris Colohan. Boy-Oh-Boy, what we have here is a new bootleg LP on the Fan Club label out of Germany that collects the odds and ends of the Cursed recording history, basically everything except their 3 studio albums, including the demo with the original Cursed logo! This looks to be done by the same people behind the bootleg repress of Cursed II not long ago. The back panel and inner stickers on the vinyl appear to be about the same, and they both clearly state on the front of the jacket "Pay No More Than €13". The cream of the crop here is obviously the 2nd to last track on the A-side, 'This Time Next Year' (aka Dead Or Alive), as it's an unreleased outtake from the 'One' LP sessions. Fuckin' A! I'm dying to hear that...

I've rounded up a list of where you can get this record, not sure how many of these are out there. There were only 800 pressed of that Cursed Two bootleg that I mentioned earlier. My friend got his copy at a local record store here in the States, so they are around, but you better act fast:

PER KORO - Record label out of Germany (€11)
DISCOGS - Various Sellers, most in Germany (€10-13)
PUNKDISTRO - From Germany (€11.50)
xSENTIENTx - Somewhere in Europe (€11)
AGIPUNK - Somewhere in Europe (€11)
EBAY - 5 copies available, ships from Italy (€13.50)

CURSED - The Rest LP (2013)
1. Polygraph
2. God And Country
3. Another Day
(Demo CDr - Winter 2001/2002)

4. Hell Comes Home
5. Search And Destroy
(Hell Comes Home 7" - 2004)

6. This Time Next Year
(Unreleased outtake from 'One' session - 2003)

7. Blackout At Sunrise
8. The Hands Will Abide
9. Hawaii
(Blackout At Sunrise 7" - 2006)

10. Reparations
11. Promised Land
12. Polygraph
13. AntiHero Resuscitator 
14. Into The Hive
(The Last Session 7" - 2008)




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