Synthwave Sunday

Askel - Self Titled

Commoner - I

Suicide Cages - Ungodly Graces

Eyeteeth - July 2022

Kybalion - S/T Demo

Human Empathy Machine - Party In The Abattoir

Karl Kasey - White Bat XIV

Surprise Package

Surprise Package


Surprise Package



came across these guys by way of henry derek elis and the murderfolk tag on bandcamp. some good dark folk/country/americana here. which is odd considering these guys are from the uk. a more sinister 16 horsepower would be good way to describe this. or i guess henry derek elis as well. either way it's some dark, moody shit and i dig the hell out of it.

Throwe - Forfald (2022)

Greed Worm - Hell Is Real (2022)

Anna Sage - Self Titled (2022)

Abrupt Decay - I Was Never Here (2022)

Scent Of Death - Life Is Such Agony (2022)