Deathrite is a badass crust hardcore band from, you guessed it, Germany. Dresden to be exact. Their Facebook page describes them as the sheer brutality of extreme Metal and the high speed attacks in the vein of your favourite Grindcore bands, all wrapped up by the no-bullshit and fuck-you-attitude of Punk. I can't argue with that. They've been around since 2010 and have released a demo tape, a split 7" and an LP, all of which have been decent releases on their own, but to be honest they were nothing earth shattering. You could tell, though, that the band was on the verge of really coming into their own and if they just had one more record, they just might successfully blow your head right off. Well, that day has come. Their 2nd LP, Into Extintion, has been completed and the pre-orders are actually shipping out this Monday! I can't wait to get this fucking record, it's a beast. If you're a fan of Trap Them, Rise And Fall or other German acts like Goldust or Depravation, you are going to be a fan of Deathrite. Order the new LP at the Merch link above.

1. Forsaken Tombs
2. Breathing Doom
3. Kingdom
4. Born Under A Guillotine
5. Vicious Throne
6. Into Extinction
7. Revenge & Reparations
8. Failure Of Existence
9. Plagues
10. Deathbed
11. Infernal Void
12. The Golden Age

LIVE IN BERLIN (Feb. 2013) video below
1. Kingdom
2. Breathing Doom
3. Failire Of Existence
4. Infernal Void
5. The Golden Age

GOLDUST SPLIT 7" (2012) Deathrite tracks only
3. Destination Death
4. Plagues

1. Prophecy
2. Black Reign
3. Claws
4. Nails & Coffin
5. Sirens
6. Vultures/Wolves
7. Locust Swarm - Decline

DEMO Cassette (2011)
1. Sirens
2. Renegades
3. Claws
4. Black Sails
5. Vultures/Wolves

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