Throwe - Forfald (2022)

Greed Worm - Hell Is Real (2022)

Anna Sage - Self Titled (2022)

Abrupt Decay - I Was Never Here (2022)

Scent Of Death - Life Is Such Agony (2022)

...But the Shadows Have Foes - A Great Variety of Morbid Symptoms



first of all, i could have swore i posted these guys before but i guess not. second, i love the artwork for this album. so much happening and you don't notice it all right away. kind of reminds me of old sepultura or slayer album covers. the more you stare, the more you notice. kind of like the music on display here. a bit of thrash. a bit of hardcore. a bit of death metal. a bit of melody. a bit of crossover. all fanfuckingtastic. not sure how active these guys are. this came out in 2013. there was a promo from a 2019 but nothing since. 



i posted the debut from these guys a few years ago and they finally followed it up. fantastically thrashtastically by the way. picks right up where the debut left off. been on a major thrash kick lately and morbid cross has been a big part it. no frills. just riffs. no pretentiousness. just thrash. and it's goddamn glorious.