So, after I mentioned Planks, Alpinist & Gun Mob yesterday, I got yelled at by my German friend Michael for not talking about Trainwreck. I would have gotten around to them eventually but here you go...

Trainwreck is from Germany, obviously, and consists of actual and former members of Eaves, Glasses and Engrave. They started rehearsing in October 2005. Since then they have released a bunch of records and played a bunch of shows. Any fan of the above bands or of Deathrite or Cursed is going to love Trainwreck.
They are actually playing their last show until fall tonight and will spend the summer writing more songs for a new record. Enjoy, and if you like what you hear, click that Merch link above and buy some shit!

1. The Charme Of Flickering Lights 
2. Good Bye Bloodsuckers 
3. You Can't Fake The Funk 
4. Dust From Our Fingertips 
5. Gravity Shift 
6. Au Revoir Tristesse
7. Like Weeds

1. Bared Teeth
2. Home Sweet Home
3. Living Like The Living Dead
4. On Our Losses And Our Tears

4 WAY SPLIT LP w/Zann, Perth Express & Ghostlimb (2008)
1. For Medications Only
2. Who Will Survive And What Will Be Left Of Them

1. Less Than Nothing
2. We Must Run, We Must Run, We Must Run
3. Dem Staub Keine Trane
4. The Dead Next Door
5. We've Got Skies In Mind, But No Stars To See
6. Mistakes and Misdirections

1. Intro
2. Crooked Rooms
3. Throns and Shroud
4. Smaller and Smaller
5. Piano Gigante

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