GUN MOB - Discography

I had never heard of Gun Mob until today. HOLY SHIT what have I been missing? This band fucking rules. They were a 5-piece crustcore band from Mannheim, Germany. Featuring 2 members of Planks, the band featured both male, and as you can see above, female vocals. Normally, female vocals bug the shit out of me but they are amazing here, I actually prefer them to the male vocals. For their farewell show a few weeks ago they made some DIY discography CDr's. It features 3 brand new songs, the songs from the split with Pyramido and their 2007 demo. If you're interested in getting a copy of the CDr, contact Planks at their Facebook page, they are selling them for 3,00Euros. Planks also put the discography up on their Bandcamp page to download for free or pay what you want. Download and stream it below, then go give them all your money. If you like any of the hardcore that has recently come out of Germany like Planks, Alpinist or Jungbluth, or if your a fan of anything on Southern Lord, or of any crust in general, you can't pass this up!

1. Bolzaneto 
2. Falscher Zeitpunkt 
3. Übrig Bleibt Wut 
4. The Great Dresden Schwindel 
5. Taste 
6. Eviction 
7. Brot Und Spiele 
8. Minimum Existenz 
9. Uncle 
10. Desperate But Armed 
11. Dud Shell 
12. Dreiaffenland 
13. Stupid Game 
14. Empty 
15. Party Song 
16. Decision In The Morning 
17. Go. Stop. Act 
18. Not Alone 
19. Friss Oder Stirb 
20. Scapegoats 
21. Wir Sind Papst

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