OK FUCK IT. I'm just going to move to Germany. It seems almost everything good that i've heard lately comes out of god-damned Germany. What is going on over there? Being from the States, I can't imagine so many good bands being crammed into such a (relatively) small country. Ugh. Anyway, Hieroglyphs is one of those fine bands I'm talking about. Formed in 2011 and hailing from Aschaffenburg, this band has released 2 EP's digitally, and they are about as rock-solid as hardcore can get. If you are a fan of any of the music coming out of Germany these days, you're going to love this band. They actually remind me a lot of 2 other bands from Belgium, Daggers & Worms Feed. This is a good thing, although it's a crying shame there are only 7 tracks of this band to listen to. What's worse is that their guitar player just split from the band. The only good news is that they are definitely NOT breaking up. Until they get things figured out, take a listen below. Everything is also free to download, with a name your price option, at their Bandcamp page.

BLAMING YOU (November 2012)
1. Acheron
2. Blaming You

1. Into The Abyss
2. Plague Keeper
3. Eater Of Days
4. From Bitterness And Hope
5. Reflections

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