JUNGBLUTH - Part Ache & Demo


Jungbluth is a 3-piece political hc/punk band from Münster, Germany who were born out of the demise of the utterly amazing band Alpinist, from the same city.

If you don't know Alpinist, get your ass over to CUT & PASTE and get your filthy hands all over that shit! You might want to bookmark that blog while you're at it, it's one of the best.

Named after Karl Jungbluth, a German communist who was executed by the nazis, the band strongly disagrees with any pro-views on fascism, racism, homophobia, sexism and any other form of discrimination. Nearly immediately after announcing that Alpinist were effectively no more, up popped Jungbluth to attempt to fill the void. And they've done so quite nicely, very quickly releasing a demo tape in November 2012 with beautiful packaging that immediately sold out of 2 pressings. The cassette featured 6 blasts to the head, with an interlude & an outro to give you time to breath. Reminiscent of their former selves, yet at the same, feeling much more epic, this tape quickly took the sting out of the Alpinist news. Still there are the terrifying vocals with the ever complex guitars & drums, but it was definitely a new band.

Now it's the middle of Summer. July 2013. And Jungbluth have given us a fantastic gift. Pre-order of their new LP, Part Ache, along with free digital downloads right fucking now. Part Ache is a 9-song saga that will leave you on the floor. Picking right up where the demo tape left off, the first track, Crevasse, shoots you into the atmosphere on a spacey, poetic trip before hammering it home with the next track, Wakefield. It's a throughly enjoyable rollercoaster ride for the rest of the album. Pummeling, million-mile-an-hour drums between more heartfelt breakdowns that remain as heavy as ever, ending with the fittingly titled Crevasse II. There's not a bad song on this album.

Like I said, the downloads are free, and encouraged by the band. If you want to donate any funds, do so at their Bandcamp page. All donated money will go to Anarchist Black Cross: Belarus. Also, Junbluth is going on tour starting tomorrow in Europe. I'd tell you where but it's easier if you just go to their Facebook page, there are a shit load of flyers for the tour. Enjoy.

PART ACHE LP download (2013)
1. Crevasse
2. Wakefield
3. Looks Like Freedom
4. These Rare Moments
5. Au Revoir Tristesse
6. Zwang Abwärts
7. No One But Myself
8. Angebot/Nachsage.
9. Crevasse II

S/T DEMO Cassette download (2012)
1. Ueberstellung
2. A Vague memory
3. Interlude
4. Traubhagel
5. Quick Temper - Slow Mind
6. Outro

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Here's a official video of Alpinist: https://vimeo.com/36598272