NATIVE GRAVES - Demo (2013)


Native Graves from Atlanta, GA brings you 2 songs of blackened, crusty hardcore from the south. Once again I don't know a lot about this band. The demo on Bandcamp absolutely KILLS so I really, really hope there is more to come. However, the info on their Facebook page is kind of misleading. First there was going to be a 7-song EP, then a 4-song EP. But now it looks like it's just going to be a very limited cassette release of the 2-song demo? There are also hints that their July 20th show with Dead In The Dirt will be their last show. So, I don't know what the fuck is going on with them. Sounds like they are done, which is a huge bummer. If you're interested in more info on the demo cassette you should probably just drop them a line on their Facebook page.

As far as the music goes, like I said, it is smoking. The first song gets right to it and thrashes you until it lets up in the middle for some HEAVY shit. They remind me a lot of Chicago's Moral Void. The second song is longer and has a lot of interesting stops and breakdowns but also has the fast parts too. Overall its a great demo.

FFO: Trap Them, Entombed, Young And In The Way, Moral Void, Cursed...

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DEMO Cassette (2013)
1. Bleeding Roots
2. Nocturne


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