After my Cursed-themed inaugural blog post, I figured i'd cover a few more Chris Colohan bands. Left For Dead were a super fast, metallic hardcore band from the Toronto area. They actually recently got back together to play a few shows and will be releasing a slew of EP's throughout the year. Check out their whole set from The Ottbar in Baltimore, MD on 1/19/2013:

In honor of the reunion, A389 Recordings put out a remastered Left For Dead LP titled Devoid Of Everything. You can buy the record here or just stream it and buy it digitally at Bandcamp. Check out a song from the LP below:

Also, if you're a cheap bastard, you can grab it here, courtesy of Smoke Pigs
Below are some links for Left For Dead's out of print releases:

Chokehold Split LP (1996) - DOWNLOAD via There Is Only One Truth

Ochre Split 7" (1997) - DOWNLOAD via My Old Records

Splitting Heads CD (1998) - DOWNLOAD via Raw Grind Chaos Core

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