Ruination was another Chris Colohan band from Ontario that formed in 2000 and disbanded in 2002. Ruination was pretty much a continuation music-wise of The Swarm & Left For Dead, just great breakneck spastic hardcore. They put out a few records but good luck finding them or links for them. However, you can grab their discography CD below and that should be all you need:

Year One (2000-2002) CD - DOWNLOAD via Cut & Paste

Toronto, Canada's Countdown To Oblivion were a short-lived Toronto hardcore 'supergroup' featuring Chris Colohan alongside members of One Blood, Legion DCLXVI, Rammer and Brutal Knights. The band played a vicous hybrid of metallic hardcore highlighted by dual vocals and awesome At The Gates/Slayer style guitar riffs. Much like Ruination, you'll have a hard time finding vinyl or download links, but you can still buy the Discography LP at A389 Recordings and you can stream it or buy MP3's below:

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