"Blank Language" is the follow-up LP to Ruined Families' fierce debut "Four Wall Freedom". The Greek hardcore punk band, finding itself standing in the midst of an urban wasteland of social unrest, utilizes and reverses the surrounding generalized fear for open approaches, in order to develop a widespread sonic angle on this new record. While their 1st record and 7" were more straight-ahead hardcore, this new LP is WAY MORE atmospheric, with brief flashes of post-rock & screamo, but still hardcore at heart. Think Young And In The Way meets Sonic Youth. The band is getting ready to start a Oct/Nov European tour in a few days, check their Facebook page for dates. In the meantime, grab their releases below and if you like it, give them some $$$ at their Bandcamp page or buy their records.

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1. Only Need Is Real
2. To New Parents
3. 208
4. Easy Livin'
5. Human Fence
6. Nature's Worst
7. Definition in Paradox
8. Books As Weapons
9. Pedestal

1. Voidealism
2. You Will Become Like Your Father
3. Bedroom Nihilist
4. Quiet

1. Modern Man
2. Sense Pleaser
3. Basement Rats
4. Visual Pain
5. Holy Weight
6. Temporary Companion
7. Seasons
8. Patriarchy


blasting D said...

this is an excellent band!

here's the interview I did with them about Blank language (with a reveiw of the album) :

Smotherfase said...

Can you please re-up the Blank Language link? I lost the hard drive I had it on and it's an album I still listen to from time to time, it's really good.