STOCKPILE - Discography


Stockpile was a band from Philadelphia, PA that existed 2010-2012. They just put up their 2 EP's and I was able to find their demo for you. Vicious vocals and a breakneck pace are the standard of this band, and they definitely lean towards the punk end of the hardcore spectrum. Also, they may be the first band on this blog that doesn't down-tune their guitars, usually a cardinal sin. But they pull it off. Check them out.

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1. Side A
2. Side B

1. Body Politic
2. Soviet Death Dealer
3. Erosion
4. Tongues
5. Your Trap
6. The Fear

1. Tongues
2. Celebrity News
3. Your Trap
4. Body Politic
5. Heaven's Gate
6. An Advertisement
7. Severed Snakes
8. Soviet Death Dealer

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