MULCT - 3 Cassettes

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Jesus Christ, this band just steamrolled my head. Vicious grindviolence out of Minsk, which is either in Belarus, The Ukraine, Poland or Russia. I'm an idiot in America and I can't figure it out, especially after listening to this mayhem. Mulct appears to be a 5-piece that has released 3 tapes so far. Each one is incredibly devastating, and if you are into any kind of grind or powerviolence, then they should be right up your filthy alley. Just check out the promo above to see what you're getting yourself into. Fuck.

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1. Tough Guy Annihilation
2. Radical
3. Ridicule Me
4. Guide Us
5. Best(ard)
6. Overproud Punks
7. Bloodsucker
8. Legacy Of The Dragon's Master

1. Going Berserk
2. Worst Enemy
3. An Omnipresent Dick Sucker
4. Hold Your Tongue
5. Militant Drunkard
6. Homo Erectus
7. El Chulito
8. Relying On Sacred power
9. 0% Straight Edge

1. Penetration
2. Grandma's Pie
3. Ha##core
4. I Choose A USB Dildo
5. Satan Didn't Kill Anyone...
6. Scum
7. ...He Just Jerked His Dick In Hell
8. A Waste Of Skin

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