FULL OF HELL - Rudiments Of Mutilation (2013)


The first sign that you are going to love Full Of Hell is that they are named after (I'm assuming) the Entombed song of the same name from the Wolverine Blues LP, which coincidentally, was released 20 years ago today, Oct 4th 1993. Now that's fucking crazy. Full of Hell is a hardcore punk/powerviolence band formed in 2009 and based in Ocean City, Maryland and central Pennsylvania. They have released two full-length albums and a shitload of 7-inches with Goldust, Code Orange Kids, Calm The Fire & The Guilt Of. I've been listening to their latest LP, Rudiments Of Mutilation a ton ever since I got it, and honestly I meant to post about it much sooner than now. It's 10 tracks of pure crust/grind/punk mayhem. You've got to check it out. And if you need to get ahold of their previous releases, head over to CUT & PASTE to get hooked up.

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1. Dichotomy
2. Vessel Deserted
3. Coven Of The Larynx
4. Throbbing Lung Fiber
5. Indigence & Guilt
6. Embrace
7. The Lord Is My Light
8. Bone Coral & Brine
9. Rudiments Of Mutilation
10. In Contempt Of Life

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