CENTURIES - Broken Hymns & Taedium Vitae (2013)


Centuries, from Florida, are seriously one of the best bands on the planet right now. They do not know how to write a bad song. If you're a fan of Cursed, stop what you're doing and start listening to Centuries immediately, you will not be sorry. Earlier this year they put out sort of a compilation LP (Broken Hymns) that brought their out of print 7-inches plus 4 new songs together. Not long after that, they announced they had signed to Southern Lord and would be putting out a brand new LP (Taedium Vitae). If anything, this band is getting stronger and stronger because this new LP is a masterpiece. I can only hope that they don't break up. Ever.

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Southern Lord says it's OK, but you should still buy the record!
1. Incipit Tragoedia
2. Caerlueus
3. Pessum Ire
4. Metus
5. Gelu
6. Egelidus
7. Grave Cordibus
8. Servisse
9. Irrita

While you are at it, buy this record also!
1. Dead (Creation)
2. Crumble And Fall
3. Night
4. Coward (Extinction)
5. I
6. II
7. III
8. Dredge
9. Broken Hymns
10. Dusk
11. Caeruleus
12. Pessum Ire
13. Gelidus
14. Metus

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