Another double-post today, this time featuring 2 bands from Germany that have been around for a little while. Slump is from Mannheim and features members of Planks and Gun Mob, while Life Ends is from Lahr. Slump may still be a functioning band as they played a festival in June, but I don't think Life Ends is still around. Feel free to correct me in the comments. Anyway, I just discovered them recently so I'm mentioning them now. Sorry if this is old news to you. They are both raging grindcore crust bands that definitely have that "German hardcore" sound. Blistering production, perfect guitars and drums, scathing vocals and tons of riffs. They did a split LP together along with a few previous releases. You can see below that there seems to be 2 versions of the Slump side of the split LP. The recording may be the same, but they definitely sound WAY different. Maybe my Deutsch partner, David, will be able to shed some more light on this. The least he could do was type out all these God-damned German song names!

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SPLIT LP (2012)
1. Galeere
2. Der Schuss In Den Ofen
3. Yes, I Am A Hater
4. Disroot
5. Pathos
6. 300 Stufen
7. Graumonster
8. In War We Crust
9. B.S.W.
10. Von Bombem und Sozialarbeitern
11. Geschwaetz

1. Routinier
2. Frohnatur
3. Zielstrebig Unfahig
4. Flucht
5. Menschenmuhle
6. Uberlebenskunstler
7. Aufhoren Zu Leben
8. Offener Vollzug
9. Selbstzufriedenheit
10. Ich Bin Ein Idiot
11. Persona Non Grata

1. Persoenlichkeitsbausatz
2. Yes, I Am A Hater
3. Nein, Kein Gott Da
4. Graumonster
5. All Richter Are Bastards
6. Identifikationslawine

1. Fuck
2. Letzte Konsequenz

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