OPEN GRAVES - All I've Learned is Death and Anxiety


Open Graves is a 5-piece from Fairmont, WV that's been around for a few years. They just released an excellent 7-song EP and they are cool enough dudes to let you grab it for free. It was recorded by a guy in Ancient Shores, another fine WV band. This is an interesting EP. It starts off with "Discomfort", which contains about 10 different riffs and off-kilter string bends that would make Chris Colohan and the boys from Burning Love proud. I thought this was how the rest of it was going to go, and I was definitely OK with that thought, but then things got weird, in a good way. The rest of the EP devolves & evolves into all sorts of excellently executed hardcore spanning various genres. Some of it slows down and you get the kind of mystery you find in the new Centuries LP. Some of it is sludgey, some of it borders on (dare I say) math core, or whatever kids call it these days. And a lot of it is just good, healthy, kick you in the gut, hardcore that kind of reminds me of Globe And Beast or the new Withers. Either way, it's full of minor chords, negativity and anger, which is really all you need to know. Also, the title of the EP is great and for a bonus, their amazing logo combines 2 of my favorite things, Evil and the Masons. Get this now.

- download -
1. Discomfort
2. Constant
3. Black Medicine
4. Abuse
5. The Living End
6. Blood Falls
7. Gypsy Eyes

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