IAMDISEASE - Self Titled CD (2012)


Iamdisease is a Slovenian band playing dark and angry hardcore with strong influences of metal, crust and sludge. Their music deals with the darker sides of human nature and the monstrosities of the information society. However, their message is not surrender and despair, but hope in changes for the better of everyone. The band members play or used to play in Elodea, Man in the Shadow, Kennybal smith, A Murder Theory, The Hoax Program, Low Punch, and others. These guys play some great hardcore and this is a solid album. They are still around and playing shows, and hopefully recording soon.

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1. Izoliran, varen, varen 
2. Beg iz raja 
3. Diktatura podobe
4. Želja drugega
5. Vonj po krvi
6. Bregovi deroče reke
7. Urna postavka
8. Novi Jeruzalem
9. Korak prezgodaj
10. Grozote teme in ledu
11. Pozdrav zahajajočemu soncu

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