CHEAP ART - S/T Tape & Desocialized 7"


Cheap Art is a fastcore powerviolence/grind band from Atlanta, GA. They started out as a 3-piece, releasing an EP, then added a badass mamacita to handle the vocals and put out a 14-song (!!) 7". This band is full throttle raging from beginning to end. Short blast beats right to your fucking head. Think Dead In The Dirt or Full Of Hell, but faster, more spastic, and pissed off. And the new female vocals are devastating! Another bonus is that their guitarist plays a Univox Hi-Flier, the best guitar on Earth.

**EDIT** - The band is back to being a 3-piece as Avra has left on good terms...shit.

- download -
1. Intro/David
2. Grown Apart
3. Burn Your Closets
4. Bled Dry
5. Despondent Pt. II
6. No More Hiding
7. Flood And Drain
8. Severed
9. Despondent
10. Hate City Machismo
11. Grief
12. Vivian Girls
13. This Party Sucks
14. Void

1. Husk
2. This Party Sucks
3. Despondent
4. Consumer Contribution
5. Desocialized
6. Dissemble
7. Loot The Looters
8. Negate
9. Hate City Machismo
10. Grown Apart


jkieranpaul said...

The mamacita is now out of the band, but it was a friendly separation. They are now back as a 3 piece and just played the house down the street Sunday, to devastating effect! Also available is a live cassette recorded early April 2013.

ADAM said...

Thanks for the update. Thats a bummer. I dug her vox. If you know where I can grab theat Live tape, let me know!