THE HUNT - Self Titled Demo & EP (2010-2011)


The Hunt is a great blackened hardcore band from Perth, Australia. That sentence sums up my entire knowledge of this band. I'm kind of confused because the band has 2 different Bandcamp pages, one for the demo and one for the EP. The one for the demo is old, while the EP's page is new, but both recordings are old. Their blog seems to be outdated as well. The demo is really raw and harsh, as it should be, while the EP is a polished 8-song masterpiece of metallic d-beat crust. I guess it doesn't really matter how many webpages they have. The only thing that matters is that this EP kicks some serious ass.

- download -
1. Emptiness
2. Shrine
3. Australia Failed You
4. Unmarked Grave
5. Enslaved
6. Golden Calf
7. Buried
8. Mourning

1. Enslaved
2. Emptiness
3. Golden Calf
4. Australia Failed You

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