RAVAGE RITUAL- Split LP, EP & Demo (2011-2013)


Seems like everyone in Finland has his own thing going: Mordicus, Kaurismaki, Circle, Oranssi Pazuzu, Beherit (DAAAAMN! how necro they were), don’t know if Hanoi Rocks also did, what I’ve heard is pretty cool for the amount of hairspray… even Bourdain’s episode in Finland is quite different from all I’ve checked from him, it’s fucking grim, something “politically incorrect” for a food/travelling show. Anyway, let’s stop ignoring the delicious shitload of Finnish blackened hardcore, crust d-beat, powerviolence, death and grind that could be infesting the dead air at this pulpit, but at this time are not. No worries, there’s a place for everyone that makes me (or Adam) interrupt my walks to work to pick up my jaw and ask myself “what the fuck is this?”, maybe like Mercyful Fate does every time I unbury their albums from my hard drive (how cheap am I!).

Ravage Ritual are a young Finnish blackened hardcore band from Seinäjoki and founded in 2011. The three releases in their catalogue, their EP, Split with Teething and Demo scream rabid freshness, of the finest kind you can expect from the spawn crossover between hardcore and extreme metal. Slickly produced, not too clean, balanced amount of dirt, groovy, sweet riffs, violent, grim and sometimes even atmospherical, I mean, shortly in the first track of the EP. This freshness is built upon eclecticism, and yes, be free to think they are ripping of your fave band, but not just one, a ton, reinterpreting all of them and making them their own. Who doesn’t? Just the not so cool bands I guess. DON’T MISS ANYTHING FROM THESE GUYS, it gets fresher and fresher, cooler and cooler, and one day for sure, ICE COLD. PERKELE!

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1. Deadbeat
2. Drown Beyond Insane
3. Hymn II

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1. Sakramentti
2. Perfect Heart
3. Black Chord
4. Laid For Death
5. Revival Hymn

1. Katkera Mieli
2. Thesis
3. Ritual

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