I usually don't combine bands, but this time, it seems fitting. Avhath & Haul are both metallic hardcore bands from Indonesia. They recently did a split 7" together that just fucking RULES. Their other releases are also pretty good, leaning a little more to the metallic side of metallic hardcore, but my God, this split is a monster. I'm feeling a little lazy tonight so I will just let their own descriptions & influences speak for themselves:

Biography - formed in mid late 2010, combining every heavy elements of metal and hardcore from its darkest capacity, Haul will bring you to meet your death
Description - our music is desrcibed as cold, heavy and loud with assault riffs, destructive beats and apocalyptic lyrics
Influences - Discharge, WolfBrigade, Tragedy, Skitsystem, Wolves In The Throne Room, Burzum, Mayhem, Trap Them, Integrity, Corrupted

- download -
1. Per Aspera Ad Astra (Avhath)
2. Raised By Wolves (Avhath)
3. Surja (Haul)
4. Purnama (Haul)

1. A Kind Of Certainty
2. Une Generation Perdue

1. Madah
2. Abadian
3. Rima Penghitam Cakrawala
4. Elegi
5. Malam
6. Legiun Api
7. Halau Mentua

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