Sarabante is a hardcore punk/crust band from Athens, Greece. Formed in late 2006, the band went through a fairly uneventful and inactive period involving a few changes in the initial line-up. In early 2010, the band reformed and the line-up was finally completed with its current members. They have since then finished recording their first full length album Remnants, which had originally started early 2008. This is an amazing LP. It's everything you want in a European crust record. It reminds me a lot of Hierophant. A 2-song 7" was also released in 2013, and while it leans towards a more produced metallic sound, it's still damn good. Get both of these.

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1. Πνιγμένοι στη Σιωπή
2. Rain Of Shame
3. Blindfold
4. Revelation
5. Those That Break, Those Thast Hold
6. Για Πάντα Νύχτα
7. Our Day Of Torment (Here And Now)
8. Deluminate
9. Remnants
10. Fading Future
11. Do You Feel Safe?

1. Έρμαια Των Καιρών
2. Under The Shadows

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