CHORYGEN - Self Titled


Chorygen is a new d-beat hardcore band from Poland with a ton of crust & sludge tendencies. The band features members of ALERT! ALERT! & 45 Revolutions Per Minute. Unfortunately that's about all I know about this band, but their 8-song debut is a total assault. It's scary and threatening, and I love it. Think Alpinist, but more desperate sounding.  I only found one description of the band online, it's either a bad translation or the best review ever. You decide!
"New on the Polish scene. As with bands of Lodz - texts as the most depressing and sad . Musically, d-beat time played faster, slower time. Tracks are preparing for, so maybe before Gigi hear any recordings. in the composition of such people from 45 Revolutions Per Minute and Alert! Alert!." - TEKTURA
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1. Zaraza
2. Scierwo
3. Tryby
4. Getto
5. Jak Codzien
6. Litania
7. Szary
8. Dno

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hi, thanx for nice words! i'm glad you like it. cheers!