ENDLESS SWARM - Mindkiller EP (2013)


Endless Swarm is an absolutely smothering powerviolence/grind band from Edinburgh featuring members of Black Talon and Horrors That You've Seen. I don't know much more about this new band, but I will tell you that this 9-song EP is 10 minutes of murky, grinding punishment. If you're a fan of Shitstorm, IRA Graves or, of course, The Swarm, you're going to be quite pleased with this.

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1. Dig The Nails
2. Gluesniffer Rising
3. Pedigree Chump
4. Mindkiller
5. Human Cattle
6. I.C.F.T.S.
7. Ritual Abuser
8. Muslamic Rayguns
9. Slave To The Crust

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Unknown said...

We've finally got merch up for sale on our Bandcamp page for anyone that's interested. Limited amount of numbered tapes and CDs.