ISOLATION TANK - Self Titled Demo


Get ready to have your eardrums violated by UK's Isolation Tank, a 2-piece maelstrom continuing on from where Self Loathing and Shut-In left off. This dirty, filthy 5-song rage-fest is up for a free download courtesy of Vetala Productions, a DIY record label based in London that releases small runs of tapes & CDr's. This demo reminds me a lot of the demo by Exhaustion that came out recently. If you were a fan of the band Throats, or anything else on Holy Roar Records, you are going to want to get this. Tapes will be available soon so keep an eye on Vetala's Facebook & Bandcamp pages, and check out their other cool releases.

- download -
1. Brimming With Shit
2. Offer Nothing
3. In Shackles
4. To Hell
5. Isolation Tank

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