CRUEL FRIENDS - Rehearsal Recordings (2013)


Cruel Friends is a brand new all-star band from Germany (of course) featuring ex-members of Geraniüm, Gun Mob, Ende/Aus, Post War Depression & Attention Armageddon. Now, I can tell you this, Gun Mob is one of the best hardcore crust bands I have ever heard. Imagine Aplinist & Cursed being thrown into a blender together. Even though this is only 3 songs recorded at a practice, you can tell Cruel Friends is in this same vein of potential greatness. They just played their 1st show in August with another one coming up this month with Henry Fonda. I cannot wait to hear some proper recordings of this band.

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1. Informationen
2. Krawattenuniform
3. Wer Wird Gewinnen

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