TEETHING - Splits & Compilations (2011-2013)


I think I have a problem with stuff like powerviolence and grindcore in general, especially the young bands: I can’t get enough of your (love baby) music. Bands like Nails, Dead in the Dirt, Iron Lung… depending on which one I’m submerged in, I give one, two, three spins to their whole discography and then quickly it’s over, I fear abusing them like I did with Sepultura’s Beneath the Remains when I started getting into heavier stuff. The thing is now I cannot enjoy some albums as much as I did before, and it's not that they bore me, it's just that I abused them. So yeah, with Grindcore or Powerviolence bands I’m even more prone to fall into this, because it takes less time to listen to them, so you can go over and over, chain-spinning the records, and it pounds you like a hobo boxer on meth, fighting for a fix. And somehow you are getting your fix, you can even hum a ton of riffs, and start craving for new material. I hope not to abuse my new discovery, Teething, but I do start craving new material.

So now to get into the other side of Ravage Ritual split, we have Teething. This is no relaxing coffee with milk in main square, this will kick any eastern European olympic weightlifters' balls. This pounds you in unknown places inside of you, and makes you develop an even more masochistic impulse: to check them live. I’m high on this impulse, I don’t know how much it will hurt, but I crave that moment. I’m telling you, that moment will put all their DIY drenched violence in perspective when my innards stop hurting, hopefully learning to not abuse music anymore. So yeah, I have my faithful moments.

Teething come out blasting and grinding from Madrid, forming in 2011. In their 3 years of existence they have toured Scandinavia with Ravage Ritual, done some dates in Spain with Napalm Death (how dreamlike is that for a young Grindcore band!!) and released a 7’’, the aforementioned split with RR, another split with Besta and been part of a pair of compilations from several DIY labels. As I’ve told you, it won't take too long to check their entire recorded material, but its juicy and bludgeoning, it keeps you starving for more, maybe you will develop bruxism while you wait for Teething. In the meantime... SUPPORT!!

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1. Teethgrinder
2. Starting Fires
3. Donutshop Holocaust
4. Shittier Generation
5. How To Kill A Child
6. Shot In The Fucking Head

1. Hell Song
2. Fuck This Face
3. Broken Teeth
4. 1996
5. Self Extinction

1. Devilock!
2. How To Kill A Child (Live)

8. Shit Generation

10. Kill The Pope
11. Bad Seed

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