BLACK VEINS - 7" & New Demos


Black Veins is a trio out of Birmingham, UK that's been around for a few years. Why is it that 3-piece bands always sound so MASSIVE? And being from Birmingham, crushing eardrums is in their DNA. This band always draws a lot of comparisons to Trap Them, Converge & Nails. I hear that a lot, about a lot of different bands. But I'm here to tell you that Black Veins truly sounds like a fight to the death between these 3 bands. I mean, MY GOD THE VOCALS. They will kill you in your sleep. The overall production is perfect and you'd be hard pressed to find a more complete 7" release this year. And the good news is that they are working on an LP. If you were worried that their follow up might not live up to the intensity of the debut, stop worrying. I've got 3 demos from the upcoming full length for you, and they are every bit as damaging as the 7". Give them a listen and keep an eye out for the new record.

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1. The Hierarchy Has Failed
2. Left To Rot
3. Modern Ritual

1. To Break Their Control
2. The Cycle Will Cease To End
3. Stone Sun
4. Collapse
5. The Cruel Mind Of Man/Through The Depths Of Reality


KEDS said... get your copy on Grim grey wax only a handful left but i have big make of that what you will.

ADAM said...

Thanks for the info! I've updated the post. Hopefully we can help take those records off your hands ;-)