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Veterans of the Florida hardcore scene, Miami's Homestretch have been around since 2007 and are still here, waiting for you. Listing their influences as 108, Converge, His Hero is Gone, Integrity, Ink & Dagger, Ringworm, Left for Dead, you should definitely know what to expect from this band. They don't disappoint, putting out consistently brutal releases over the years, and, like I said, they are still going strong. In fact they are playing tonight with Pray For Teeth & Centuries to help end their tour. All of their releases are available for free on their Bandcamp page with a "name your price" option starting at $0. But, if you like what you hear and have some $$$, please throw it their way as it will help pay for future recording/vinyl pressing.

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1. Highly Evolved
2. Messianic Delusion
3. See The Atrophy

1. Chattel
2. Travails Of The Reprobate
3. Pelorus
4. Recruitment Complex
5. Invasive Species
6. Intercession
7. Domestic Disturbance
8. Surviving Heir
9. Canto II: Nightfall

1. Quarry (Hunt)
2. Muzzle (Domesticate)

1. Sleight Of hand
2. Visiting Hours
3. Eye Of The Needle
4. How The Other Half Dies

1. Canto I: Daybreak
2. Home Of The Brave
3. Bhairava
4. Take It With you
5. Separation Anxiety
6. Azazel
7. The Old Man And The Sea
8. Vanitas
9. Bloodlust

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