Iron Gag - Malingering LP (2018)

Rel. Date: February 26, 2018
Format: Cassette, Vinyl
Origin: Massachusetts, New Hampshire (USA)
Genre: Hardcore, Dark Hardcore, Metallic Hardcore
Label: self-released (Cassette), Crage Records (Vinyl)     

(Press Text)
"Describing a band’s musical approach as 'straightforward' sounds similar to saying a person has a 'good personality', or like damning it with faint praise. Not Iron Gag, though. The New England-based quartet’s whole approach paints them as one of those why-go-around-when-you-can-plow-straight-through bands. Kind of like the Juggernaut, the virtually unstoppable X-Men villain, and likely just as fond of humanity.

The name Iron Gag alone radiates hostility. The music feels assaultive. Their debut long-player 'Malingering' sounds like Steve Albini losing his shit and spending two weeks feverishly pounding away on a manual typewriter in some off-the-grid manifesto shack. Imagine 'My Black Ass' from Shellac’s 'At Action Park', but with hair-trigger emotional volatility and considerably more abrasion - those are the album’s mellower moments. When they switch to grind mode on tracks like 'Trash Lungs' and the sardonic 'Sit and Spin', they take on a rapturously unsettling belligerence." ---


Amazing dark, metallic Hardcore from this relatively new outfit based in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. According to their facebook page, influences are coming from bands like Botch, Cursed, Neurosis, Baptists, The Hope Conspiracy, Outbreak and Breach, just to name a few. Started in 2014, Iron Gag released a 4-Track Cassette through Friend Catcher in 2015 and a 2-Track Demo in 2016. 'Malingering' is their debut full-length and was released on february 26. The only way to purchase a cassette is at Iron Gag's live shows. Vinyls will be released later this year through Crage Records. 
Great stuff.! Highly recommended.!!

Iron Gag - Malingering LP (2018) 
Iron Gag - Demo 16' (2016) 

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